List of Catholic organizations not in communion with the Roman Catholic Church

This is a list of organizations which consider themselves part of the Roman Catholic Church or as reformed versions of the Roman Catholic Church, but which the Vatican does not consider to be in full communion with itself.

National churches

*Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association, the national church of the People's Republic of China
*Philippine Independent Church, also called the Aglipayan Church, a national church in the Philippines
*Polish National Catholic Church, a Polish national church in the United States and Canada

Other churches

*Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church
*Eucharistic Catholic Church
*Free Catholic Church
*Reformed Catholic Church
*true Catholic Church

Other groups

*Community of the Lady of All Nations (Army of Mary)
*Married Priests Now!
*Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God
*Reformed Society of Jesus, an organization within the Reformed Catholic Church
*Roman Catholic Womenpriests

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