Pomace brandy

Pomace brandy is a liquor distilled from pomace. Examples include the Croatian / Montenegrin / Serbian lozovača (loza), Cypriot zivania, French marc, Georgian chacha, German Tresterbrand, Greek tsipouro, Hungarian törköly, Italian grappa, Bulgarian grozdova, Portuguese aguardente, Romanian rachiu de tescovina, Macedonian Komova, Spanish orujo, Slovenian tropinovec, and Albanian raki (distinct from Turkish raki).

Pomace may be either fermented, semi-fermented, or unfermented. During red wine vinification, the pomace is left to soak in the must for the entire fermentation period and is thus fermented. Fermented pomace is particularly suitable for the production of pomace brandy, as it is soft, dry, and has a high alcohol content. Semi-fermented pomace is produced during rosé wine vinification, where the pomace is removed before fermentation is complete. Virgin pomace, which is produced during white wine vinification, is not fermented at all.

Both semi-fermented and unfermented pomace must be kept in a silo until fermentation is complete. After fermentation is complete, the pomace is distilled.

Alcohol derived from pomace is also used as the traditional base spirit of other liquors, such as some anise-flavored spirits.

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