List of Protestant missionaries killed during the Boxer Rebellion

The following individuals were among the China Martyrs of 1900.

China Inland Mission

* List of China Inland Mission missionaries killed during the Boxer Rebellion

Society for Propagation of the Gospel

* Rev. H. V. Norman
* Rev. C. Robinson

English Baptist Missionary Society

* Rev. S. W. Ennals
* Rev. and Mrs. Herbert Dixon
* Rev. and Mrs. F. S. Whitehouse
* Rev. and Mrs. G. B. Farthing with three children
* Miss B. C. Renaut
* Rev. and Mrs. W. A. M. M’Currach
* Rev. and Mrs. T. J. Underwood
* Miss Stewart

The Sheo Yang Mission

* Mr. And Mrs. T. W. Piggott and son, Wellesley
* Mr. And Mrs. Stokes
* Mr. John Robinson
* Dr. and Mrs. A. E. Lovitt and one child
* Mr. And Mrs. Simpson
* Miss Duval
* Miss Coombs

Unconnected missionary

* Mr. A. Hoddle

The British and Foreign Bible Society

* Rev. and Mrs. W. T. Beynon, with three children

Swedish Mongolian Mission

* Mr. And Mrs. Helleberg and one child
* Mr. Wahlstedt

The Christian and Missionary Alliance

* Mr. And Mrs. Emil C. Olssen and three children
* Mr. And Mrs. W. Noren and two children
* Mr. And Mrs. O. Bingmark and two children
* Mr. And Mrs. C. Blomberg and one child
* Miss E. Erikson
* Mr. And Mrs. O. Forsberg and one child
* Mr. And Mrs. C. L. Lundberg and two children
* Mr. And Mrs. E. Anderson and three children
* Mr. And Mrs. M. Nystrom and one child
* Miss A. Gustafson
* Miss C. Hall
* Mr. A. E. Palm
* Miss K. Orn (unconnected)

The Scandinavian Alliance Mongolian Mission

* Mr. Sternberg
* Miss H. Lund
* Mr. C. Suber
* Miss Clara Anderson
* Miss Hilda Anderson

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions

* Rev. Ernest R. and Mrs. Elizabeth Graham Atwater and four children (Mary, Ernestine, Celia, and Bertha)
* Rev. Charles Wesley and Mrs. Eva Jane Price and child, Florence
* Miss Susan Rowena Bird
* Miss Mary Louise Partridge
* Rev. Dwight Howard and Mrs. Mary Jane "Jennie" Clapp
* Rev. Francis W. Davis
* Rev. Horace Tracy Pitkin
* Rev. George L. Williams
* Miss Annie Allender Gould
* Miss Mary Susan Morrill

American Presbyterian Mission

* Rev. and Mrs. F. E. S. Simcox and three children
* Dr. and Mrs. C. V. R. Hodge
* Dr. G. Y. Taylor

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*Boxer Rebellion
*List of Christian Missionaries


Further reading

* Hattaway, Paul. "China's Christian Martyrs," (2007). ISBN 978-0-8254-6127-9

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* [ Persecution in China] Fundamental Baptist Information Service
* [ Protestants and Protestantism in China] Research Directorate, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, Ottawa
* [ OMF International (formerly China Inland Mission and Overseas Missionary Fellowship)]

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