Carr (name)

Carr is a common surname in northern England, deriving from the Old Norse "kjarr", meaning a swamp. Kerr is a Scottish variant. Carr is also a common surname in Ireland, where it often derives from the nickname, "gearr", meaning short (of height). In some cases it is thought to come from the old Welsh word "Cwarr", meaning giant.


* Adriane Carr (born 1952), Canadian academic, activist, & British Columbia Green Party politician
* Alan Carr (born 1976), British stand-up comedian & TV presenter
* Allan Carr (aka Allan Solomon; 1937–1999), American film producer and manager of actors & musicians
* Allen Carr (1934–2006), British author of books on how to stop smoking
* Anne Carr (1934–2008), American nun, theologian, and university professor
* Antoine Carr (born 1961), American NBA basketball player, power-forward "Big Dog"
* Anthony J. Carr FRCN (born 1932), British nurse and clergyman
* Archie Carr (1909–1987), American biologist and zoologist, professor, & conservationist
* Arthur Carr (1893–1963), English cricket player, Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club & English cricket team
* Arthur Wesley Carr (The Very Reverend Wesley Carr, KCVO; born 1941), British Anglican divine who was Dean of Westminster 1997–2006
* Austin Carr (born 1948), American NBA basketball player, guard
* Austin Carr (cricketer) (1898–1946), English cricketer - Worcestershire


* Bernard Carr, British professor of mathematics & astronomy at Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL)
* Bill Carr (aka William Arthur Carr; 1909–1966), American track & field sprinter, Olympic champion - 1932 Los Angeles
* Bob Carr (disambiguation):
** Robert John "Bob" Carr, (born 1947), Premier of New South Wales, Australia
** Milton Robert "Bob" Carr (born 1943), American lawyer & politician, U.S. Representative from Michigan
** Bob Carr (archaeologist), American archaeologist
** Robert S. "Bob" Carr, former mayor of Orlando, Florida, namesake of the "Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre"
* Brendan Carr, Irish politician
* Brendan Carr, (born 1980), British actor
* Bunny Carr, former Irish TV presenter and public relations consultant


* Caleb Carr (born 1955), American novelist & military historian, son of Lucien
* Carissa Carr (aka Ethel Stankiewicz), fictional actress in the Marvel Transformers comics
* Catherine Carr (1880–1941), American silent-film era screenwriter
* Cathy Carr (1936–1988), American pop singer
* Charmian Carr (aka Charmian Farnon; born 1942), American actress, Liesl, the eldest Von Trapp daughter in "The Sound of Music"
* Chris Carr (disambiguation):
** Chris Carr (born 1967), American dirt-track & road motorcycle racer, and land speed record holder
** Chris Dean Carr (born 1974), American NBA, pro-basketball, player
** Chris Carr (born 1983), American NFL football player, cornerback & kick-returner
* Cletis Carr, American singer-songwriter, acoustic guitarist, and record producer
* Colin Carr, American cello soloist, chamber musician, recording artist & teacher


* Danielle Carr-McGrath (born 1969), Australian national champion pairs ice-skater, Stephan's sister
* David Carr (born 1979), American NFL football Quarterback
* David Ronald Carr (born 1974), American drummer for Christian rock band Third Day
* David Carr (1933–1959) English, suspected first victim of AIDS in the West from Reddish, Manchester
* Donald Bryce Carr (born 1926), English cricketer who played for Derbyshire, Oxford University & England
* Douglas Ward Carr (1872–1950), English amateur cricketer


* Edward Hallett Carr (1892–1982; aka E. H. Carr), historian & international relations theorist
* Edwin Carr (born 1926), New Zealander composer
* Edwin Carr (athlete), Australian track & field (440) athlete
* Elias Carr (1839–1900), Democratic governor of North Carolina 1893–1897
* Elizabeth Jordan Carr (born 1981) first U. S. baby born from the in-vitro fertilization procedure, 15th in the world
* Emily Carr (1871–1945), Canadian artist & writer
* Eric Carr (1950–1991), born Paul Charles Caravello, American musician, drummer for rock band Kiss
* Eric Carr (born 1975), American professional Heavyweight boxer
* Ernest Carr (1875–1956), member of Australian House of Representatives & New South Wales Legislative Assembly
* Eugene A. Carr (1830-1910), American Civil War general.


* Francis Carr (1751–1821), American politician, U.S. Representative from Massachusetts, father of James Carr
* Frank Osmond Carr (aka F. Osmond Carr; 1858–1916), English composer of musical comedy and comic opera


* Gary Carr (born 1955), Ontario, Canada politician
* Gerald P. Carr (born 1932) retired U. S. Marine Corps Colonel & former NASA astronaut, commanded longest Skylab mission


* Hank Earl Carr (died 1998) convicted criminal, on May 19, 1998 killed two Tampa detectives & a Florida State trooper
* Helena Carr (born 1946) Australian businesswoman, commercial printing
* Henry Carr (bo. 1942), American athlete, two-time gold medalist (200 meters & 4x400m relay) - 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo
* Howard Louis "Howie" Carr (born 1952), American broadcaster, award-winning journalist, author, & talk-radio host in New England


* Ian Carr (born 1933), Scottish jazz musician, composer, writer, & educator
* Ian Carr (guitarist) English guitarist from Yorkshire, with Swåp & The Kate Rusby Band


* J.L. Carr (aka "Jim" & "James"; 1912–1994), English novelist, publisher, teacher, and eccentric
* Jack Carr (1876–1948), English professional footballer - Newcastle United 1899–1912
* Jacky Carr (1892–1942), English professional footballer - Middlesbrough, Blackpool, & Hartlepool United
* James Carr (Massachusetts politician) (1777–1818), American politician, U. S. House of Representatives from Massachusetts, son of Francis Carr
* James Carr (musician) (1942–2001), American R&B and soul artist; "The Dark End of the Street"
* James G. Carr (born 1940), chief judge for the U. S. District Court for Northern District of Ohio
* Jim Carr (born 1951) Canadian businessman & Liberal Party politician in Manitoba
* Jim Carr (US) (born 1965), American technologist, lecturer, and writer, dvocate for digital literacy
* Jimmy Carr (born 1972), Irish comedian known for his deadpan, satirical humour
* Jody Carr B.B.A. (born 1975), Canadian, New Brunswick politician
* Joe Carr (golfer) (1922–2004), Irish amateur golfer
* John Carr (architect) (1723–1807), English architect
* John Carr (cricketer) (born 1963) English cricket executive, father of D.B. Carr
* John Carr (merchant), 16th century merchant & founder of Queen Elizabeth's Hospital School
* John Carr (military lawyer), Captain, prosecutor of suspected terrorists imprisoned at the Guantanamo Bay detainment camp
* John Dickson Carr (1906–1977), American author of detective stories (pen names: Carter Dickson, Carr Dickson, and Roger Fairbairn)
* Joseph Bradford Carr (1828–1895), American general in the Union Army during the American Civil War, New York Secretary of State, (1879–1885)
* Joseph F. Carr (1879–1939) American pro-football pioneer, President - National Football League 1921–1939
* Josh Carr (born 1980) Australian rules footballer, midfielder
* Judy Feld Carr, CM, LL.D (born 1939) Canadian musician & humanitarian
* Julian Carr (Australian politician) (c. 1824–1886), Australian politician, Member Western Australian Legislative Council from 1868 to 1873
* Julian Carr (industrialist) (1845–1924) American industrialist & philanthropist
* Lou Busch (pseudonym for Louis Ferdinand "Lou" Busch; 1910–1979), American pianist
*John Mark Karr ((1964)) Confessed to the murder of JonBenét Ramsey, but was later cleared.


* Kenneth "Kenny" Alan Carr (born 1955), American power-forward NBA basketball player
* Kim John Carr (born 1955), Australian Labor Party member of the Australian Senate representing the state of Victoria


* Laurie Carr (born 1965), American model & actress, Playboy's 1986 December "Playmate of the Month"
* Leroy Carr (1905–1935), American blues singer, songwriter and pianist
* Lloyd H. Carr (born 1945) American head football coach, University of Michigan since 1995
* Lucien Carr (1925–2005), American, key figure in the Beat generation, later an editor for United Press International


* M. L. Carr (born 1951), American NBA & ABA basketball player, and head coach & GM for the Boston Celtics
* Marina Carr (born 1964), Irish playwright
* Martin Carr (born 1968, chief songwriter & lead guitarist with the British band, The Boo Radleys
* Matthew Carr (born 1978), Australian rules footballer
* Maxine Ann Carr (born 1977), English criminal, girlfriend of Ian Huntley (the Soham murderer)
* Michael Carr:
**Michael Carr (Lib Dem politician) (born 1946), British Liberal Democrat politician
**Michael Carr (Labour politician) (1947–1990), British Labour Party politician
**Mike Carr (born 1951), American writer and game designer
* Milton Robert Carr ("Bob"; born 1943), American lawyer & politician from the state of Michigan, U.S. House of Representatives 1975–1995


* Nicholas G. Carr (born 1959), American business writer & speaker
* Norman Joseph Carr, MBE (1912–1997), U.K., British conservationist working in Central & Southern Africa


* Paul Carr (born 1979) London-based publisher, journalist & entrepreneur
* Paul Carr (actor) (1934–2006) American character actor from New Orleans, Louisiana
* Paul Henry Carr (1924–1944), U.S. Navy Gunner's Mate Third Class, posthumous Silver Star recipient in World War II
* Pearl Lavinia Carr & Edward Victor Johnson (born 1923) popular English husband-&-wife entertainers, 1950s & early 1960s
* Percifer Carr (died 1804), British allied Loyalist in Otsego County, New York during American Revolution.
* Philip Carr-Gomm, psychotherapist & author
*Philippa Carr pseudonym for English author Eleanor Alice Burford-Hibbert (1906–1993)


* Ralph Lawrence Carr (1887–1950), Governor of Colorado from 1939 to 1943
* Sir Raymond Carr (born 1919), English historian
* Leonard Robert Carr, Baron Carr of Hadley, PC (born 1916), British Conservative politician
* Robert Carr, 1st Earl of Somerset KG, PC (sometimes spelt Kerr; c. 1587–1645), Scottish politician, favorite of King James I
* Robert Carr, 1st Earl of Ancram (c. 1578–1654), 1st Earl of Ancram, was a Scottish nobleman and writer
* Robert Carr (born 1956), American computer programer, credited as the architect of GO Corporation's PenPoint OS
* Roderick Carr (1891–1971), Air Marshal, KBE, CB, DFC, AFC distinguished airman & military leader of New Zealand & India
* Rosamond Carr (nee Halsey; 1912–2006), American humanitarian and author
* Roy Carr, English music journalist

* Sabin William Carr (1904–1983), American Olympic pole vaulter, gold medel winner - 1928 Amsterdam
* Sam Carr, national organizer for the Communist Party of Canada & the Labour-Progressive Party in the 1930s & 1940s
* Samuel S. Carr (1837–1908), American pastoral & landscape painter
* Shirley G.E. Carr, Canadian union leader, first woman president of Canada's largest labour organization, the Canadian Labour Congress
* Snapper Carr (Lucas "Snapper" Carr), fictional supporting character in the DC Universe
* Stephen Carr (born 1966), Australian pairs ice skater & coach, Danielle's brother
* Stephen Babeson Carr (born 1976), Irish footballer for Newcastle United & the Republic of Ireland


* Terry Gene Carr (1937–1987), U.S. science fiction author & editor
* Thomas Joseph Carr (1839–1917), Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne, Australia, 1886–1917
* Tony Carr (born 1950) Director of Youth Development at U.K. football (soccer) club West Ham United FC


* Valerie Carr (born 1936), American pop music singer
* Vikki Carr (born 1941), American singer in jazz, pop, country, & Spanish


* William Carr CBE (1883–1966), surgeon, rear-admiral, Australian naval officer
* William Carr (biographer) (1862-1925), English biographer and magistrate
* William Carr (rower) (1876-1929), American Olympic rower
* William C. Carr (b.1946) American university athletic administrator
* William Compton Carr (born 1918), former Conservative Party U.K. politician
* William Guy Carr (1895–1959; R.D. Commander R.C.N.) Canadian naval officer & author
* Willie Carr (born 1950), former Scottish football (soccer) player


* Yomin Carr, a fictional Yuuzhan Vong character in the Star Wars Expanded Universe

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* Ker
* Car

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