1890s in film

1890s in film

The decade of the 1890s in film involved some significant events.__TOC__


*1891 - Designed around the work of Muybridge, Marey, and Eastman, Thomas Edison's employee, William K. L. Dickson finishes work on a motion-picture camera, called the Kinetograph, and a viewing machine, called the Kinetoscope.
*May 20, 1891 - Thomas Edison holds the first public presentation of his Kinetoscope for the National Federation of Women's Clubs.
*August 24, 1891 - Thomas Edison files for a patent of the Kinetoscope.
*1892 In France, Charles-Émile Reynaud began to have public screenings in Paris at the Theatre Optique, with hundreds of drawings on a reel that he wound through his Zeotrope projector to construct moving images that continued for 15 minutes.
*1892 - The Eastman Company becomes the Eastman Kodak Company.
*March 14, 1893 - Thomas Edison is granted Patent #493,426 for "An Apparatus for Exhibiting Photographs of Moving Objects" (The Kinetoscope).
*1893 Thomas Edison builds a motion-picture studio near his laboratory, dubbed the "Black Maria" by his staff.
*May 9, 1893 - In America, Thomas Edison holds the first public exhibition of films shot using his Kinetograph at the Brooklyn Institute. Unfortunately, only one person at a time could use his viewing machine, the Kinetoscope.
*January 7, 1894 - Thomas Edison films his assistant, Fred Ott sneezing with the Kinetoscope at the "Black Maria."
*April 14, 1894 - The first commercial presentation of the Kinetoscope took place in the Holland Brothers' Kinetoscope Parlor at 1155 Broadway, New York City.
*1894 - Kinetoscope viewing parlors begin to open in major cities. Each parlor contains several machines.
*1895 - In France, brothers named Auguste and Louis Lumière, designed and built a lightweight, hand-held motion picture camera called the Cinématographe. The Lumière brothers discovered that their machine could also be used to project images onto a large screen. The Lumière brothers created several short films at this time that are considered to be pivotal in the history of motion pictures.
*November, 1895 - In Germany, Emil and Max Skladanowsky develop their own film projector.
*December, 1895 - In France, Auguste and Louis Lumière hold their first public screening of films shot with their Cinématographe.
*January, 1896 - In Britain, Birt Acres and Robert W. Paul developed their own film projector, the Theatrograph (later known as the Animatograph).
*January, 1896 - In the United States, a projector called the Vitascope was designed by Charles Francis Jenkins and Thomas Armat. Armat began working with Thomas Edison to manufacture the Vitascope, which projected motion pictures.
*April, 1896 - Thomas Edison and Thomas Armat's Vitascope is used to project motion pictures in public screenings in New York City
*1896 - French magician and filmmaker Georges Méliès begins experimenting with the new motion picture technology, developing a lot of early special effects techniques, including stop-motion photography.
*1897 - A total of 125 people die during a film screening at the Charity Bazaar in Paris after a curtain catches on fire from the ether used to fuel the projector lamp.
*1899 - Pathé-Frères is founded.


This is an incomplete list of films made in the 1890s:
* "Monkeyshines" (William Dickson and William Heise 1890)
* "Dickson Greeting" (William Dickson 1891)
* "Blacksmith Scene" (William Dickson 1893)
* "Fred Ott's Sneeze" (William Dickson 1894)
* "Fred Ott Holding a Bird" (William Dickson 1894)
* "Buffalo Dance" (William Dickson 1894)
* "Dickson Experimental Sound Film" (William Dickson 1895)
* "L'Arrivée d'un train en gare de La Ciotat" (Auguste and Louis Lumière 1895)
* "Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory" (Louis Lumière 1895)
* "L'Arroseur Arrosé" (Louis Lumière 1895)
* "Baignade en mer" (Georges Méliès 1896)
* "The Kiss" (William Heise 1896)
* "La Fée aux Choux" (Alice Guy Blaché 1896)
* "Rip van Winkle" (William Dickson 1896)
* "Admiral Cigarette" (William Heise 1897)
* "The Milker's Mishap" (director unknown 1897)
* "New Pillow Fight" (director unknown 1897)
* "The Nearsighted School Teacher" (director unknown 1898)
* "Jeanne d'Arc (1899 film)" (Georges Méliès 1899)


*January 22, 1893 - Conrad Veidt

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