Initiatives of Change

Initiatives of Change

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organization_motto = Building trust across the world's divides
organization_type = Non-profit, Interest group
founded = 1938 by Frank Buchman as Moral Re-Armament
location = Global
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Initiatives of Change ("IoC") is a global organization dedicated to "building trust across the world's divides" [ [ Initiatives of Change - An overview ] ] of culture, nationality, belief, and background. The organization is committed to transforming society, beginning with change in individual lives and relationships.

These tenets are a continuation of those of the organization's predecessor, known as Moral Re-Armament (MRA) from 1938 until 2001. Moral Re-Armament was the successor to the Christian evangelical organization known as The Oxford Group, founded by American Protestant evangelist Frank Buchman. The Oxford Group traces its origins to Buchman's work with university students beginning in the late 1920s. The founders of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill (William G.) Wilson and Dr. Robert H. ("Dr. Bob") Smith, were inspired by [Oxford Group principles] . The name "Initiatives of Change" reflects the emphasis of the organization's predecessors on effecting social change beginning with personal change. IofC explicitly denies being a religious organization, inviting "those with a faith...both to explore the roots of their own tradition, and to discover and respect the beliefs of others." [ [ Initiatives of Change - Frequently Asked Questions ] ]

Initiatives of Change International

Initiatives of Change International is a non-governmental organization based in Caux, Switzerland. It is the legal and administrative entity that federates the national bodies of Initiatives of Change in its cooperation with the United Nations. As an NGO, IofC-International holds Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, and Participatory Status at the Council of Europe.


Formerly the Caux-Palace Hotel near Montreux, the IofC's conference center in Caux, Switzerland became an international meeting place in 1946. The center's summer program consists of a continuous series of sessions dealing with specific subjects, attended by a wide range of individuals from throughout the world, both minors and adults. These sessions are usually family oriented throughout the summer, as opposed to the center's general orientation at most other times of the year, when it primarily hosts adults rather than families.


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