Deviant (comics)

Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance The Eternals vol. 1, #1 (July 1976)
Created by Jack Kirby
Place of origin Earth
Notable members See: Citizens

The Deviants are a fictional race of superhumans in the Marvel Comics' universe. They are an offshoot of the evolutionary process that created sentient life on Earth instigated by the alien Celestials, and wage war against their counterparts, the Eternals. According to the account of one Deviant in the 2006 mini-series,[1] the Deviants were created as a delicacy to be consumed en masse by Celestials at periodic intervals once they multiplied sufficiently; however, the veracity of this has yet to be proven.

While the Eternals possess godlike power and are generally physically beautiful (by human standards), the Deviants, who sometimes refer to themselves as 'the changing people,' are for the most part hideous, with each member of their race possessing some random physical and/or cosmetic mutation that is by Celestial design never repeated within the sub-species. Extremely mutated or deformed Deviants are referred to as "mutates", and some of the monsters of myth and legend have in fact been identified as Deviant mutates. Some of these mutations can provide superhuman abilities, but their powers are usually not as great as those of the Eternals.

The Deviants are religious, revering the Dreaming Celestial ('he who sleeps in darkness'). They credit him with their creation and claim that he granted them dominion over the earth, an agreement they believe was later broken by the treachery of the other Celestials. They have one or more holy books—the only one named thus far being the Book of Krask.

The Deviants had already developed advanced technology such as genetic engineering when humans were still living in caves. The Deviants were created by Jack Kirby in The Eternals #1 (1976).




  • Kro[2] - Warlord, Ruler of Lemuria, head of the Delta Network. A long-lived shapeshifter.
  • Ahqlau[3] - conspirator and friend of Yrdisis who posed as an ally of Kro, but was actually spying on him for Ghaur.
  • Argos the Hunter[4] - member of the Sword of Damocles who pursued Arcadia Deville and Ulysses Bloodstone. Wore armor and wielded a cosmic energy staff.
  • Broop[5] - jester to Brother Tode; he was merged with the others into a giant cube by the Eternals; presumed dead[6]
  • Chudar[7] - Attends to Kro.
  • Coal[8] - sent by Ghaur to retrieve the Proteus Horn but was mistaken for Sunspot by Namorita
  • Darg[9] - observed a gladiatorial match involving the Avengers; had his sword stolen by the Black Knight (Dane Whitman).
  • Dark Angel/Tzabaoth (Donald & Deborah Ritter)[10] - twin children of Thena and Kro, members of the Delta Network
  • General Dasrax[11] - member of Kro’s conspiracy against the priesthood but was forced to shoot himself in the head by Ghaur in front of Kro to demonstrate his power.
  • Dragona[12] - member of the Delta Force; sister of Ereshkigal and former lover of Brother Tode, able to fly and breathe fire
  • Ulysses Dragonblood[4] - brother of Odysseus Indigo; former member of Damocles Foundation, able to sedate others with a touch.
  • Dulpus[13] - former leader of a group that attempted to assist in the takeover of Earth to gain favor from Kang the Conqueror; sent Glomm into single combat against Warbird
  • Enigmo[14] - member of Delta Force; former gladiator; not to be confused with Cataphrax, who wrestled under the name Enigmo (see Deviant Mutates, below)
  • Ereshkigal[15] - sister of Dragona; mistaken in the past for Hecate; apparently committed suicide after losing a contest against the Living Tribunal[16]
  • Fascit[17] - in charge of the operation to transform Margo Damian into a Deviant
  • Finn[18] - member of the Damocles Foundation who received the Celestial's Gatherer from Lucas Guthrie; killed when the Gatherer went on a rampage.
  • Frathag[19] - member of the priesthood who took charge of the Fifth Host; killed by an angry mob of Deviants when Kro exposed "purity time" as a falsehood
  • Gelt[20]
  • Ghaur[21] - priestlord of Lemuria
  • Haag[22] - advocated the Slicer following the rule of Brutus
  • Ignatz[23] - flying steed of Ant-Man
  • Odysseus Indigo[24] - CEO of Damocles Foundation, able to hypnotize others or nullify super-powers
  • Jorro[25] - Weapons maker, unwilling servant of Terminus.
  • Karygmax[26] - Priest; ordered Cataphrax to submit to purity time; was involved in the resurrection of Ghaur; current whereabouts unknown.
  • Kra[27]
  • Nuncio Klarheit[28] - priestlord, served Ghaur and accompanied Kro to the Pyramid of Winds, recovered vial and transported it back to Lemuria
  • Lugner[29] - spied on Kro for Ghaur by posing as his assistant although Kro was aware of his true nature; current whereabouts unknown.
  • Marcelus[30] - member of the Damocles Foundation; was dispatched to Brazil to capture the Black Queen (Selene) but she turned him into stone.
  • Medula[31] - Partner of Maelstrom; mother of Ransak the Reject; current whereabouts unknown.
  • Morga[31] - Partner of Phaeder; mother of Maelstrom; she was killed by the other Deviants for looking too human-like.
  • Morjak[32]
  • Plokohrel[29] - famous artist from 100th dynasty
  • Phraug[33] - former ruler of Lemuria; slain during the Great Cataclysm (sinking of Atlantis)
  • Pyre[4] - member of the Sword of Damocles, fire powers.
  • Ragar[5] - Prime Minister, held contempt for Kro, currently trapped inside the Deviant cube by the Eternals
  • Ranar[11] - Government official; son of Tode; killed by the priesthood
  • Ransak the Reject[31] - Gladiator; Ally to the Eternals; pupil of Kingo Sunen; he is an outcast as he looks like a human.
  • Shelmar[34] - Warrior; former gunner aboard Kro’s flagship; current whereabouts unknown.
  • Sledge[35] - initially thought to be a mutant; enhanced Blob and Mimic’s powers; associate of Risque; and a favor broker
  • Sluice[34] - Administrator; part of Brother Tode’s council, disliked Kro, presumably part of the group merged into a solid cube by the Eternals
  • Spike[8] - sent by Ghaur to retrieve the Proteus Horn, mistaken for one of the New Mutants by Namorita
  • Stranglehold[4] - Member of the Sword of Damocles; pursued Arcadia and Ulysses, superhuman strength
  • Stra'an[36] -
  • String[8] - sent by Ghaur to retrieve the Proteus Horn, mistaken for Warlock by Namorita
  • Taras Vol[37] - Lemurian, captured and mutated Cole, Gort and One-Eye; killed during the Great Cataclysm
  • Thunder[38]
  • Tobias[39] - attempted to kill a Deviant child for being a mutate, but it was rescued by Dragona; current whereabouts unknown
  • El Toro Rojo[40] - Renegade fighter; Delta Network member; he was bonded to Tupac Amaru, an autistic child.
  • Tutinax the Mountain Mover[41] - a mutate and a gladiator who aided Dromedan during the time of the second host; summoned from past by Zakka, but then killed him, eventually returned to own time, in modern era nearly beat Quasar to death when he interfered in a match.
  • Brother Tode[42] - Monarch, former ruler of Lemuria; he was killed by molecular reassembly by the Eternals
  • Veeg[43] - also known as Veerg; member of the Damocles Foundation; secretly aided Sledge, Ulysses Dragonblood, Arcadia Deville, and X-Force in entering the Foundation's Amazon headquarters, using the teleportation devices there
  • Queen Vira[42] - Queen; transformed into inert matter and merged with others of Deviant population into a cube by Eternals; currently deceased.
  • Brother Visara[44] - former ruler of Lemuria; he was killed by the Deviants
  • Randy Lee Watson[45] - Real name unknown, worked for the Damocles Foundation; enlisted the aid of Lucas Guthrie in capturing a Celestial Gatherer, but died when a guard shot him.
  • Weller[45] - member of the Damocles Foundation who received the Celestial Gatherer from Lucas Guthrie; current whereabouts unknown.
  • Yrdisis[29] - Artist; lover of Khoryphos; helped to smuggle the victims of Slicer out of Lemuria until she was uncovered by Brother Visaara; later captured by Weird Sisters to aid in resurrection of Maelstrom but was rescued by the Eternals; current whereabouts unknown
  • Zakka[38] - Tool-maker; built a time-displacer that was able to bring forth ancient warriors; summoned Tutinax, but was killed by him.
  • Zona[4] - member of the Sword of Damacles, could turn invisible and generate electric shocks.

Deviant Mutates

  • Maelstrom[31] - son of Morga and Phaeder; because he was half Deviant, half Inhuman he was sent to the Lemuria Slave Pits
  • Bandrhude[46] - a type of Deviant mutate that were used prior to Great Cataclysm (sinking of Atlantis); later used in the modern era by Ghaur and Kro.
  • Brutus[47] - briefly led Deviants after Ghaur's seeming destruction by the Dreaming Celestial; organized the Subterranean wars and persecution of Deviant mutates; killed when he was exposed as a mutate[48]
  • Cataphrax[49] - Warrior, former wrestler in the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation, has strength rivalling Ikaris; He was the victim of the 5th Host and was mercy-killed by Thena
  • Dromedan[50] - Dromedan was bred by the Deviants as a weapon against the Eternals.[volume & issue needed] Imprisoned beneath New York City by the Eternals.[volume & issue needed] Dromedan has vast psionic powers, including mind control, illusions and telekinesis. He can also emit destructive energy blasts, and transform matter.
  • Giganto[51] - servant of the Mole Man, briefly raised Inorganic Technotroid with its mate, abandoned it after it lost interest.
  • Giganto[52][53] - once made attempt to rule earth, guarded Monster Island for Kro, later became a servant to Mole Man
  • Glomm[54] - servant of Dulpus, defeated by Warbird in single combat
  • Gorgilla[55] - member of the Fin Fang Four; formerly used as a pawn by Kro through the Brain Mines and was used to rampage in New York City; later he befriended by Dr. Druid after being freed by him; was shrunk to human size by Reed Richard's molecular compactor and became the janitor of the Baxter Building; helped Elektro, Fin Fang Foom, and Googam defeat Tim Boo Ba.
  • Gort[42] - agent of Brutus; defeated by the Hulk
  • Grottu[56] - produced through the Deviant mutate stockpiles; battled Ulysses Bloodstone but was exterminated by him; its spirit later possessed Ant-Man (Scott Lang).
  • Karkas[57] - a former gladiator who allied with the Eternals; was trained by the scholars in Olympia; assisted Kro’s rebellion against Ghaur; was later defeated by Reject.
  • Lizard Men[58] - race of Deviant mutates in the form of reptilian humanoids; used as agents of Kro and journeyed to Midnight Mountain and attempted to help capture Makkari
  • Megataur[59] - monster serving the Mole Man
  • Metabo[60] - engineered by Kro, able to absorb cosmic energy from Eternals; it was briefly considered for Delta Force
  • Minotaur[61] - possibly the creature formerly contained within the labyrinths of Aegian sea, whom battled Ikaris
  • Molten Man-Thing[62][63] - creature from a volcano who invaded the island of Napuka; battled by Makkari who was posing as Frank Harper, defeated when heat energy dissipated by immense fan
  • Spore[64] - created millennia ago as the ultimate weapon against the Eternals; gained immortality from consuming Eternals but was destroyed circa 18000 BC by the Celestial second host; its particles were incorporated into the cocaine crop of Gen. Caridad; destroyed by Sister Salvation
  • Tricephalous[51] - lives on Monster Isle, servant of Mole Man.
  • World-Devouring Worm[65] - A mutated earthworm released by Dromedan from a "Deviant Coagulation Chamber." It grew larger with each passing second, and could suck objects into its body with a vacuum-like wind. Virako destroyed the worm by absorbing energies from his craft, destroying himself in the process.

Deviants of the planet Lyonesse

  • Blackwulf (Pelops)[66] - son of Tantalus; leader of the Underground Legion; slain by his father and served as a meal to the Peacekeepers.[67]
  • Blackwulf (Lucian)[66] - brother and successor of Pelops; and the son of Tantalus; killed his father and absorbed his power; current whereabouts is unknown.
  • Bristle[66] - Member of the Peacekeepers.
  • Id[68] - son of Tantalus; brother of Blackwulf (Pelops and Lucien); current whereabouts unknown
  • Khult[69] - Deviant from Tebbel; father of Nirvana; he became servant of Tantalus but usurped his rule of Armechadon at the same time; helped Blackwulf temporarily slay Tantalus
  • Lady Trident[68] - member of the Peacekeepers; killed one of Touchstone's bodies; however she was placed in stasis by another Touchstone
  • Mammoth (William "Willie" Amos)[70] - member of the Underground Legion; possibly the past self of Wraath; his arm was cut off by Blackwulf (Lucian) to save him from the Black Legacy
  • Nirvana[68] - daughter of Khult; wife of Tantalus and mother of Lucian, Pelops and Id; committed suicide after giving birth of Lucian; her body was preserved in undead form by Khult, released into death with Lucian's aid[71]
  • Pandara[72] - servant of Lord Tantalus; current whereabouts unknown
  • Schizo[66] - member of the Peacekeepers; sister of Touchstone; she was rendered comatose by Touchstone.
  • Tantalus[73] - Armechadonian Deviant; father of Pelops, Lucian and Id.; husband of Nirvana, used the Peacekeepers as agents on Earth; was killed by Blackwulf (Lucian).[71]
  • Touchstone[70] - member of the Underground Legion; sister of Pandara; twenty four of her forms were destroyed by Tantalus.
  • Toxin[70] - member of the Underground Legion; his armor was destroyed by Tantalus; later allied himself with Tantalus against the Underground in hopes that he could rebuild his armor; however he returned to Earth alongside the Peacekeepers.
  • Wraath (William "Willie" Amos)[70] - member of the Peacekeepers; a cyborg who is possibly the future self of Mammoth.


The Skrulls are nearly all Deviants who eliminated the other offshoots of their species, leaving only one of the original race (Prime Skrull) and a Skrull Eternal (Kly'bn).



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