Black-faced Cormorant


name = Black-faced Cormorant
status = LC | status_system = IUCN3.1
status_ref = [IUCN2006|assessors=BirdLife International|year=2004|id=49551|title=Phalacrocorax fuscescens|downloaded=18 Jan 2008 Database entry includes reasons why the species is listed as least concern]
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Aves
ordo = Pelecaniformes
familia = Phalacrocoracidae
genus = "Phalacrocorax"
species = "P. fuscescens"
binomial = "Phalacrocorax fuscescens"
binomial_authority = (Vieillot, 1817)

The Black-faced Cormorant ("Phalacrocorax fuscescens"), also known as the Black-faced Shag, is a medium-sized member of the cormorant family. Upperparts, including facial skin and bill, are black, with white underparts.


It is found along much of the southern coast of Australia from eastern Victoria to Cape Leeuwin, Western Australia, as well as around the coast of Tasmania and the islands of Bass Strait.


Unlike the other cormorants found around the Australian continent, the habitat of the Black-faced Cormorant is exclusively coastal and marine.


The Black-faced-Cormorant feeds largely on small coastal fish, diving in depths up to 12 m. Fish of lengths up to 50cm have been observed to be taken. The birds sometimes forage in flocks, apparently in an organised way.


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