The Ericsson GIRAFFE Radar family of radar-based air defense and surveillance systems using true 3D-radar technology. It is tailored for operations with medium- and Short Range Air Defense (SHORAD) missile systems.


GIRAFFE uses Agile Multi-Beam (AMB), which includes an integrated Command, control and communication (C3) system. This enables GIRAFFE to act as the command and control center in an air defense system, it can also be integrated into a sensor net for greater coverage. It is normally housed in a single 6m long shelter mounted on an all-terrain vehicle for high mobility. Additionally the shelter can be augmented with Nuclear, Biological and Chemical protection and light layers of armor to protect against small arms and fragmentation threats.


The GIRAFFE AMB provides 3D target updates over a large elevation range at a rate of one-per-second. Effective range of the radar is 20-40 km. Its maintained pulse density suppresses high cluttering in adverse weather conditions. Ultra-low antenna side-lobes combined with pulse-to-pulse and burst-to-burst frequency agility provides some resistance to jamming. A skilled crew can deploy the radar in around 10 minutes and recover it in around 3 minutes.



The GIRAFFE S an extended range version of the GIRAFFE radar and is deployed in two roles :

#A gap filler radar in air defense early warning systems concentrating on small, low-flying targets over a long distance.
#Coastal surveillance radar, where targets are small surface vessels and sea-skimming missiles or aircraft.


Sea GIRAFFE is the naval variant of the GIRAFFE radar with AMB technology. It is specialized for rapidly detecting small, fast moving targets at all altitudes and small surface targets in severe clutter. Its roles include :

*Air surveillance and tracking
*Surface surveillance and tracking
*Target identification for weapon systems
*High-resolution splash spotting

Sea GIRAFFE can detect air and surface targets from the horizon to an altitude of 20,000 m (65,000 ft) at elevations up to 70º. It can simultaneously handle multiple threats approaching from different directions and altitudes, including diving anti-ship missiles.


*Ericsson (Telefonaktiebolaget L. M. Ericsson)
*Saab Microwave Systems

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*ARTHUR (military)

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