Hate (disambiguation)

Hate can refer to:
*Hate, an emotion of intense revulsion.
*"Hate" (comic), a comic book by Peter Bagge.
*Hate (band), a Polish death metal band.
*Hate (short story), a 1961 short story by Arthur C. Clarke
*"Hate" (album), a 2002 album by Scottish indie-rock group The Delgados.
*"Hate" (Sinister album), a 1995 album by Dutch death metal band Sinister.
*"Hate" (Sarcófago album), a 1994 album by Brazilian death metal band Sarcófago.
*"Hatred" (film) (Russian: "Nenavist"), a 1975 Soviet Red Western film.
*Hate (MMORPG terminology), a term in online roleplaying games referring to how threatened enemies feel by specific player characters.
*H8 Club, a professional wrestling tag team.
*"Hate", a song by Cat Power from her 2006 album "The Greatest".
*"Hate", a song by KISS on their 1997 album "".
*Hate, a surname pronounced Haa-tay, found among members of the Daivadnya community of India.
*Hate, a film from France released in the United States and English Canada as "Hate".
*Hate (I Really Don't Like You), a single by the Plain White T's.
*Sergeant Hatred, a character on the Adult Swim show "The Venture Bros."

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