Format Comedy
Created by Mehran Modiri
Starring Mehran Modiri
Reza Shafiei Jam
Siamak Ansari
Sahar Ja'fari Jozaani
Mohammad Reza Hedayati
Sahar Valad-Beigi
Saeed Pirdoost
Saed Hedayati
Shiva Boloorian
Shaghayegh Jodat
Yoosef Pashandi
Country of origin Iran
Running time 60 minutes (including commercials)
Original channel Channel 3

Noghtechin (Dots) is an Iranian television sitcom. It was written, directed, and starred Mehran Modiri, the creator of Pavarchin and Shabhaye Barareh. The show was famous for Bamshad and his song "Bivafaie." It is also noted that Noghtechin holds the distinction of receiving the most money from advertising of any Iranian show, thanks largely to constant sponsorship by Samsung, which is featured prominently in Mr. Pirdoost's store. Many of the actors in Noghtechin are reused in other Modiri productions.


The plot centered around Ardal Pashandi (Mehran Modiri), Bamshad Pahnfar (Reza Shafie-Jam), and their wives, Manizh and Mozhdeh Jaberi (Sahar Valadbeigi). Ardal and Bamshad often got themselves in sticky situations that they tried to hide from their wives, but they were always found out by the end of each episode. The show began with Ardal as a bachelor living with his aged father (Yoosef Pashandi) in an apartment building owned by Mr. Pirdoost (Saeed Pirdoost) who lived with his bachelor son Kourosh (Siamak Ansari). Bamshad Pahnfar and Mozhdeh Jaberi were a young married couple living in the building that often interfered in Ardal's business. Ardal later meets and falls in love with Mozhdeh's sister, Manizh Jaberi (Sahar Ja'fari Jozaani) and they get married and live in Ardal's apartment with his father. Manizh is a dentist and has a practice inside her home. Bamshad and Ardal later go work for Daddy Jaberi (Mohammad-Reza Hedayati), their father-in-law, at his company Manchoolbaf. The show was similar to The Honeymooners in that it featured two married couples and the funny situations the husbands would get themselves into, as well as having a lovable overweight character. The final episode featured a crossover cameo by the cast of Pavarchin.

Regular cast


Bamshad Pahnfar quickly became the favorite character among viewers. Reza Shafie-Jam's character was thinner earlier in the series and had a deep voice. But later he placed a pillow under his shirt to exaggerate his stomach, which often shifted and became visible during the show, and created a higher pitched, sometimes cracking voice. Whenever he was emotional, Bamshad sang "Bivafaie," a song about disloyalty. The song[1] became very popular in Iran and on the Internet. When Bamshad was happy, he sang "Vafa Dari"(loyalty). Daddy Jaberi also had a song he sang when he was emotional, "Khak bar saram kardi." Bamshad also often mispronounced English words when he tried to look sophisticated in front of Ardal, but Ardal always called him on it and made sure to humiliate Bamshad. Sa'ed often transposed Bamshad's name, calling him Shadbam.

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