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Yeshivat Eretz HaTzvi

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Rabbi David Ebner
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Katamon, Jerusalem 93301
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"Yeshivat Eretz Hatzvi" (Hebrew: ישיבת ארץ הצבי) is a Modern Orthodox yeshiva, located in Katamon, Jerusalem, Israel. It was founded in 2004.

Rabbi David Ebner and Rabbi Yehuda Susman serve as the "Rashei Yeshiva". Rav Ebner also sreves as the Yeshiva's "Mashgiach ruchani". The "menahel" of the Yeshiva is Rav Benny Pflanzer.


The Yeshiva employs a total of 16 Rabbis, from a range of different backgrounds.


Morning SederThe student body is divided into five different shiurim (class-levels), based on level of proficieny. Each shiur has its own "Ram" (Rabbi). Additionally, Rabbi Simcha Krauss, who does not teach any of the regular shiurim, also gives occasional shiurim to the entire Yeshiva, instead of a regular morning shiur.

Afternoon SederAfternoon seder has its own set of "Ramim" (Rabbis). There are separate sets of Rabbis for Halacha, Tanach and Machshava days, although some of the Rabbis teach in multiple sedarim.

Night Seder and KollelPart of night seder includes learning with an Israeli chavruta. The Israelis are members of a kollel who live and learn in Eretz HaTzvi, although they attend university during the day. The Rosh Kollel is Rabbi Avi Blidstein. Night seder is also supervised by Rabbi Jonathan Bailey.

Other faculty

*The Zionism seminar is taught by Rabbi Aaron Wexler, (as well as two other staff Ramim - Rav Berman and Rav Alex Israel).
*The Yeshiva employs an "Av Bayit" (dormitory head) and "Eim Bayit" (housemother), and seven "madrichim" (counselors).

Daily Schedule

*7:30-8:30 Shacharit
*8:30-9:00 Breakfast
*Morning Seder
**9:00-9:30 First morning shiur
**9:30-11:30 (varies slightly depending on Ram) Morning seder (preparation for shiur with a Chavruta)
**11:30-12:45 Morning Shiur - Gemara Be'iyun (in depth)
*12:45-2:00 Lunch and afternoon break
*2:00 Mincha
*2:20-4:00 First Afternoon Seder
*4:00-5:30 Second Afternoon Seder
**Sundays and Wednesdays: Halacha
**Mondays and Thursdays: Tanach
**Wednesdays: Machshava
*5:30-7:30 Dinner and evening break
*7:30-7:45 Maariv
*Night Seder
**7:45-10:00 Independent or Chevruta study on any topic

External links

* [ Yeshivat Eretz Hatzvi]
* [ Orthodox Caucus Israel Guide Entry]

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