Adonis (disambiguation)

Adonis (disambiguation)

Adonis may be:

* Adonis, a hero in Greek mythology
* Adonis, a villain in "Teen Titans"
* "Adonis" (plant), a genus in the plant family Ranunculaceae
* Adonis (poet) modern Syrian poet, also known as Ali Ahmed Said
* 2101 Adonis, an asteroid
* KL-7, a cipher, machine codenamed ADONIS
* Adonis (artist), house music pioneer.
* Adonis (landmark), famous Philippine cultural landmark
* Andrew Adonis, Baron Adonis, a British Politician
* Adrian Adonis, the stage name of professional wrestler Keith Franke
* Adonis (comics), a Marvel Comics character
* Nahr Ibrahim, a river in Lebanon formerly called the Adonis River
* Adonis, a Beanie Baby dog that was once Beanie Baby of the month

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