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in2?=in literature
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* Brazilian manifesto for concrete poetry, which focuses on visual and other sensory qualities
* April 18 — Ezra Pound's indictment for treason is dismissed.Ackroyd, Peter, "Ezra Pound", Thames and Hudson Ltd., London, 1980, "Chronology" chapter, p 118] He is released from St. Elizabeths Hospital, an insane asylum in Maryland, after spending 12 years there (starting in 1946). He returns to Italy.

Works published in English

* Donald Hall et al., editors, "New Poets of England and America"
* David Cecil and Allen Tate, "Modern Verse in English" (anthology)


* Earle Birney, "Selected Poems"
* John Glassco, "The Deficit Made Flesh"
* Ralph Gustafson, "The Penguin Book of Canadian Verse""Britannica Book of the Year 1960", covering events of 1959, published by Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1960; "Canadian Literature" article mentioned this book as a "late 1958 anthology"]
* Irving Layton, "A Laughter in the Mind"
* E.J. Pratt, "The Collected Poems of E.J. Pratt" (introduction by Northrop Frye)
* James Reany, "A Suit of Nettles"
* F.R. Scott and A.J.M. Smith, "The Blasted Pine", a satirical miscellany
* Miriam Waddington, "The Season's Lovers"

Criticism, scholarship and biography in Canada

* L.M. Lande, "Old Lamps Aglow"
* R.E. Rashley, "Poetry in Canada"


* Thomas Kinsella, "Another September", Dublin, Dolmen PressM. L. Rosenthal, "The New Poets: American and British Poetry Since World War II", New York: Oxford University Press, 1967, "Selected Bibliography: Individual Volumes by Poets Discussed", pp 334-340]
* Patrick MacDonogh, "One Landscape Still"

=United Kingdom=

* John Betjeman, "Collected Poems", London: John Murray; Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1959
* Michael Hamburger, "The Dual Site", London: Routledge and Kegan Paul
* George Rostrevor Hamilton, "Collected Poems"
* John Heath-Stubbs, "The Triumph of the Muse"
* Elizabeth Jennings, "A Sense of the World", London: André Deutsch
* Dom Moraes, "A Beginning", his first book of poems (winner of the Hawthornden Prize), Indian at this time living in the United Kingdom
* James Reeves, "The Talking Skull"
* Michael Roberts, "Collected Poems"
* Alan Ross, a book of poetry
* John Silkin, "The Two Freedoms"
* John Smith, "Excursus in Autumn", including "Two Men Meet, Each Believing the Other to be of a Higher Rank"
* A.S.J. Tessimond, "Selection"
* R.S. Thomas, "Poetry for Supper"
* C.A. Trypanis, a book of poetry
* David Wright, "Monologue of a Deaf Man", London: André Deutsch

United States

* Conrad Aiken, "Sheepfold Hill"
* Djuna Barnes, "The Antiphon" a surrealist verse play
* John Ciardi, "I marry You; a Sheaf of Love Poems"
* E.E. Cummings, "95 Poems"
* Lawrence Ferlinghetti, "A Coney Island of the Mind"
* John Hollander, "A Crackling of Thorns"
* Rolfe Humphries, editor, "New Poems by American Poets" (anthology)
* Stanley Kunitz, "Selected Poems, 1928-1958"
* Denise Levertov, "Overland to the Islands", Highlands, North Carolina: Jonathan Williams
* Archibald MacLeish, "J.B.", a verse play
* William Meredith, "The Open Sea and Other Poems"
* Howard Nemerov, "Mirrors and Windows"
* Kenneth Patchen:
** "Poem-scapes"
** "Hurrah for Anything"
** "When We Were Here Together"
* Theodore Roethke, "Words for the Wind", Garden City, New York: Doubleday
* Muriel Rukeyser, "Body of Waking"
* Winfield Townley Scott, "The Dark Sister"
* Karl Shapiro, "Poems of a Jew", New York: Random House
* Eli Siegel, ""
* Clark Ashton Smith, "Spells and Philtres"
* William Jay Smith, "Poems 1947-1957"
* Charles Tomlinson, "Seeing Is Believing", New York: McDowell, Obolensky
* William Carlos Williams, "Paterson", Book V

Other in English

* James K. Baxter, "In Fires of No Return", published by Oxford University Press, giving Baxter international recognition, New Zealand
* Peter Bland, "Three Poets", New Zealand [http://www.teara.govt.nz/1966/L/LiteraturePoetry/TheContemporaryScene/en Web page titled "The Contemporary Scene"] in "An Encyclopedia of New Zealand, 1966 website, accessed April 21, 2008]

Works published in other languages

panish language

=Latin America=

* Efraín Barqueto, "La Compañera" (Chile)
* Vincente Huidobro, "Ataigle", French translation (Chilean)
* Pablo Neruda, "Complete Works" (Chile)
* José Ramón, "Antología poética" (Argentina)
* Rubén Vela, "Veranos" (Argentina)


* Jorge Guillén:
** "Viviendo"
** "Maremágnum"
* Miguel de Unamuno, "Cincuenta poesías inéditas" (written 1899–1927, now published for the first time)

Portuguese language


* Herberto Hélder, " _pt. O Amor em Visita"
* Eugénio de Andrade, " _pt. Coração do dia"
* Alexandre O'Neill, " _pt. No Reino da Dinamarca"
* Mário Cesariny, " _pt. Alguns Mitos Maiores e Alguns Mitos Menores Postos à Circulação pelo Autor"

French language

=French Canada=

* Ollivier Mercier-Gouin, "Poèmes et Chansons"
* Ronald Després, "Silences à nourrir de sang"
* Roger Brien, "Vols et plongées"
* Alain Grandbois, "L'Étoile pourpre"
* Roland Giguère, "Le défaut des ruines est d'avoir des habitants"


* Yves Bonnefoy, "Hier régnant désert"
* Pierre Emmanuel, "Versant de l'âge"
* Vincente Huidobro, "Altaigle" (translation from Spanish)


* Sh. Shalom:
** "Ben Tehelet ve-Lavan" ("Amidst the Blue and White")
** "Shirai Kommiut Israel" ("Poems on the Rise of Israel")
* Yehoshua Rabinow, "Shirat Amitai" ("Amitai's Song")
* I. Shalev, "Eloha Hanoshek Lohamim"
* P. Elad, "Mizrah Shemesh ("East of the Sun")
* David Rokeah, "Kearar Aleh Shaham" ("Juniper on Granite")
* T. Carmi, "ha-Yam ha-Aharon" ("The Last Sea")
* Y. Amihai, "be-Merhak Shtai Tikvot" ("At a Distance of Two Hopes")
* Ephraim Lisitzky, "Anshai Midot" ("Virtuous Men")


* Meyer Shtiker, "Yidishe landshaft" ("Yiddish Landscape"), his second book of poems (Yiddish)"Britannica Book of the Year 1960", covering events of 1959, published by the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1960; "Jewish Literature", pp 372-373; " [...] Meyer Shtiker, whose second collection of verse "Yidishe landshaft" ("Yiddish Landscape") was published in 1958."]

Awards and honors

=United Kingdom=

* Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry: Francis Cornford
* Foyle Prize for Poetry: Dame Edith Sitwell, "Collected Poems"
* Guinness Poetry Awards:
** Ted Hughes, "The Thought Fox"
** Thomas Kinsella, "Thinking of Mr. D"
** David Wright, "A Thanksgiving"

United States

* Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress (later the post would be called "Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress"): Robert Frost appointed this year.
* National Book Award for Poetry: Robert Penn Warren, "Promises: Poems, 1954-1956"
* Pulitzer Prize for Poetry: Stanley Kunitz, "Selected Poems 1928-1958"
* Bollingen Prize: E.E. Cummings
* Fellowship of the Academy of American Poets: Robinson Jeffers
* Harper's Eugene F. Saxton Fellowship; Conrad Hilberry
* Huntington Hartford Foundation Award: Robert Frost
* Jewish Book Council's Harry Kovner Memorial poetry awards: I.J. Schwartz for contributions to Yiddish poetry; Aaron Zeitlin for "Bein Ha-Esh Yeha-Yesha"
* Yale Series of Younger Poets award: William Dickey for "Of the Festivity"

American Academy of Arts and Letters

* American Academy of Arts and Letters Gold Medal in Poetry: Conrad Aiken
* Marjorie Peabody Waite Award: Dorothy Parker

Poetry Magazine

* Levinson prize: Stanley Kunitz
* Oscar Blumenthal prize: Siydney Goodsir Smith
* Eunice Tiejens prize: Mona Van Duyn
* Bess Hokin prize: Charles Tomlinson
* Union League Civic and Arts Foundation prize: Jean Garrigue
* Vachel Lindsay prize : Hayden Carruth
* Harriet Monroe Poetry Prize: Stanley Kunitz

Poetry Society of America

* Shelley Memorial Award: Kenneth Rexroth
* Alexander Droutzkoy Memorial gold medal: Robert Frost
* Walt Whitman Award: James E. Miller, Jr.
* Reynolds Lyric Award: John Fandel
* William Rose Benet Memorial Award: Robert A. Wallace
* Edna St. Vincent Millay Award: Robert Penn Warren
* Poetry Chap-Book Award: Arthur Waley
* Emily S. Hamblen Memorial award: Sir Geoffrey Keynes for "The Complete Writings of William Blake"
* Arthur Davison Ficke Memorial award: Ulrich Trobetzkoy
* Laura Speyer Memorial award: Mary A. Winter
* Borestone Mounain poetry award: John Hall Wheelock, "Poems Old and New"


* Grand Prix Littéraire de la Ville de Paris: Maurice Fonbeure for poetry
* Grand Prix de Poésie de l'Académie Française: Mme. Gérard d'Houville


* Mondadori, Viareggio poetry prize (Italy): S. Quasimodo, "La terra impareggiabile"


*April 15 — Benjamin Zephaniah, British dub poet
* April 15 — Anne Michaels, Canadian poet and novelist.
* November 27 — Andrew Waterhouse
* date not known:
** Jill Battson
** Lionel Fogarty, poet
** Harold Rhenisch
** Margaret Smith, poet


* January 3 — Gerald William Bullett, 64, British author and critic
* March 24 — Seamus O'Sullivan, Irish
* May 5 — James Branch Cabell, 79, whose 52 books included poetry, of a cerebral hemorrhage (to help people remember the pronunciation of his name, he composed the ditty, "Tell the rabble my name is CA-bell.")
* June 28 — Alfred Noyes, English poet (according to some sources, he died on June 25, but others, including Encyclopedian Britannica give June 28)
* September 11 — Robert W. Service, 84, Scots-Canadian poet who wrote "The Cremation of Sam McGee"
* October 29 — Zoë Akins, 72, American poet and dramatist who won the 1935 Pulitzer Prize for her drama version of Edith Wharton's "The Old Maid"
* December 20 — Sir John Collings Squire, British poet, writer, historian, and influential literary editor.
* Dates not known:
** Francis Carco, French poet and novelist
** Yves Gérard le Dantec, French

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* Poetry
* List of poetry awards
* List of years in poetry


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