Hunt Saboteurs Association

Hunt Saboteurs Association

The Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) is a worldwide organization using direct action to stop the hunting of animals. HSA activists use a model of leaderless resistance and have been using the same basic tactics since their inception 37 years ago; the underlying principle being to directly intervene in a day's hunting, historically by delaying or confusing the hounds. [ [ "Why We Are Here" by the Hunt Saboteurs Association UK] ] Nathan Brown is the current HSA spokesperson.


In 1964 John Prestige founded the Hunt Saboteurs Association in Brixham, England, after being assigned to report on the Devon and Somerset Staghounds, where "he witnessed the hunters drive a pregnant deer into a village and kill her." Best, Steven (ed), "Terrorists or Freedom Fighters?", Lantern Books, 2004] Designed to "actively oppose blood sports," the HSA eschewed parliamentary reforms and instead went directly out into the fields of Britain to do everything they could, within the law, to prevent the killing of British wildlife. "Within a year, HSA groups appeared across England in Devon, Somerset, Avon, Birmingham, Hampshire and Surrey. Ronnie Lee, founder of the animal rights group Band of Mercy began his activism within an HSA group in Luton, England. HSA now operates throughout Europe and North America.


The HSA uses tactics as varied as using hunting horns and whistles to misdirect hounds, scent dullers, laying false trails, and locking gates to disrupt a hunt. [ [ HSA Tactics Book] ] The HSA has expanded into countries such as the United States and Canada, tactics have shifted depending on the type of hunting being disrupted. The HSA now routinely disrupt deer, waterfowl, turkey, mink, and hare hunts, as well as angling and other types of fishing. [ [ The American Hunt Saboteurs Association] ]


HSA UK publishes a quarterly journal, "Howl". [ [ "Howl" Subscription Information] ]


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