List of cat breeds

The following is a list of cat breeds recognized by various cat registries.

Cats can also be grouped by according to appearance or function.

Longhair and semi-longhair

*Aegean cat
*American Longhair
*Asian Semi-longhair (or Tiffanie)
*British Longhair
*Chantilly/Tiffany cat
*Himalayan (USA) or Colourpoint (rest of world).
*Maine Coon
*Norwegian Forest Cat
*Oriental Longhair
*Ragdoll (and Ragamuffin)
*Turkish Van
*Turkish Angora


*American Shorthair
*Australian Mist
*Brazilian Shorthair
*British Shorthair
*California Spangled Cat
*Colorpoint Shorthair
*Egyptian Mau
*European Shorthair
*Havana Brown
*Oriental Shorthair
*Russian Blue
*Siamese (and Traditional Siamese or Applehead Siamese)
*Ukrainian Levkoy

Breeds based on mutations

*American Bobtail
*American Curl
*American Ringtail
*American Polydactyl, aka Hemingway Cat or Mitten Cat
*American Wirehair
*Cornish Rex
*Devon Rex
*German Rex
*Japanese Bobtail
*Ojos Azules
*Selkirk Rex
*Scottish Fold

Breeds derived from Hybridisations between domestic Cats & wild Felids

* Bengal : domestic Cat / Asian Leopard Cat ("Prionailurus bengalensis")
* Bristol : domestic Cat / Margay ("Leopardus wiedii")
* Chausie aka Stone Cougar : domestic Cat / Jungle Cat aka swamp-lynx ("Felis chaus")
* Cheetoh : Ocicat / Bengal
* Jungle-Bob : Pixie-bob / Jungle Cat aka swamp-lynx ("F. Chaus")
* Jungle-Curl : Hemingway Curl aka American Curl / Jungle Cat aka swamp-lynx ("Felis chaus")
* Layanese : Tonkinese / Himalayan
* Machbagral and/or Viverral : domestic Cat / Fishing Cat ("Prionailurus viverrinus")
* Pantherette : Pixie-bob / Asian Leopard Cat ("Prionailurus bengalensis")
* Punjabi : (domestic Cat with Indian Desert-Cat aka Asiatic Wildcat ("Felis s. ornata")
* Safari : (domestic Cat with Geoffroy's Cat ("Leopardus geoffroyii")
* Savannah and/or Ashera : (domestic Cat with Serval ("Leptailurus serval")
* Serengeti : Oriental / Bengal
* Toyger : domestic Cat / Bengal
* Ussuri (cat) : domestic Cat / Amur Asian Leopard Cat ("Prionailurus b. euptailura")

* Caracat (proposed name) : Domestic Cat / Caracal (accidental Hybridisation, Moscow Zoo, 1998)
* Oncicat (proposed name) : Domestic Cat / Oncilla (Little Spotted Cat/Tiger Cat)
* Domestic Cat / Black-footed Cat ("F. nigripes")
* Domestic Cat / Rusty-spotted Cat ("Prionailurus rubiginosus") (wild-occurring Hybrids, India)

Breeds derived from multiple Hybridisations between domestic Cats & Felids

* Afro-Chausie (proposed name) : Chausie / African Wildcat ("F. s. lybica")
* Euro-Chausie : Chausie / European Wildcat ("F. s. silvestris")
* Scottie-Chausie (proposed name) : Chausie / Scottish Wildcat ("F. s. grampia")

Attempted or unconfirmed Hybridisation between domestic Cats & Felids

* Jaguarundi Curl (alleged name) aka Mandalan Jaguar (proposed name) : Domestic Cat / Jaguarundi
* Domestic Cat / Canada Lynx
* Domestic Cat / Bobcat ("Felis rufus")
* Domestic Cat / Pallas Cat ("Otocolobus manula")

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