Khovd Province

Khovd Province

country = Mongolia
name = Khovd Aimag
other_name = _mn. Ховд аймаг
coordinates_type = adm1st
lat_d = 47 |lat_m = 0 |lat_NS = N
long_d = 92 |long_m = 45 |long_EW = E

symbol_type = Coat of arms
symbol = Mn coa khovd aymag.png

established = 1931
capital = Khovd
area = 76100
population = 91687
population_as_of = 2005
population_density = 1.20
timezone = UTC+7
area_code = +976 (0)143
code1_type = License plate
code1 =
code2_type = ISO 3166-2 code
code2 = MN-043
website =

Khovd ( _mn. Ховд) is one of the 21 aimags (provinces) of Mongolia, located in the west of the country. Its capital is also named Khovd.

Khovd is approximately 1,580 km from Ulan Bator. It is considered remote even for Mongolian standards.


Khovd is distinguished by its multi-cultural population. It is home to more than 17 nationalities and ethnicities. The main ethnic groups are the Khalkh — comprising 27.4 percent of the population; Zakhchin — 24.9%; Kazakh — 11.5%; Torguud — 8.1%; Uriankhai — 7.6%; Ööld — 7.5%; Dörvöd — 6.0%; Myangad - 4.9%; other - 2.0%(Census 2000). Each of these groups has its own distinct traditional dwelling and settlement pattern, dress and other cultural distinctions, literary, artistic, and musical traditions. There is a rather large minority Kazakh-Mongol population that speaks both Kazakh and Mongolian.

The Khovd aimag population growth stopped in 1991, then migration out of the aimag (approx. 20,000 in 1992-2004) compensated the natural increase and confined aimag's population within 87,000 – 92,000 limits.


Khovd is notorious for its harsh weather cycles, as temperatures regularly reach as high as 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) and as low as −30 degrees Celsius (−22 degrees Fahrenheit). The climate is dry, as it receives the same average rainfall of Phoenix, Arizona each year.


The Khovd Airport (HVD/ZMKD) has two runways, one of which is paved, and gets served by regular flights from and to Ulan Bator, Mörön, and Bulgan


The region around the city is famous in Mongolia for its watermelon crop.

There is a sizable hydroelectric dambuilding project underway that will theoretically generate enough electricity to power the three most western aimags (Uvs, Bayan-Ölgii, and Khovd). Currently, the city of Khovd is connected to the Russian power grid and subject to blackouts if it falls behind in its payments.

Administrative Subdivision

The Aimag capital Khovd is geographically located in the Buyant sum, but is administered as independent Jargalant sum. The administrative center of the Khovd Sum is also called Khovd, which is a common source of confusion. The othe administrative centers carry the name of the respective Sum as well.

* - The aimag capital Khovd


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