Cemeteries of Villages in Eastern Slovakia

*List of cemeteries

Grave stones older than 50 years


village cemetery

Surnames: Polaček, Lorinc, Karaffa, Kordiak, Dobranský, Kontír, Stichl, Palkovič, Štrobl, Stroka, Rudlai, Balint, Onufer, Ujhelyi, Heincz, Tkačík, Hartwig, Malcher, Németh, Urban, Sikora, Malinič, Kovbasiuk


village cemetery

Surnames: Lukáč, Kišš, Kardohely, Jakubik, Buzga, Rusinko


village cemetery

Surnames: Beneš, Čižmárová, Durková, Gábor, Gedro, Habina, Hančár, Hiscak, Hodermarský, Hrubši, Hurka, Iván, Janočko, Juhas, Kalapoš, Kolarus, Lazúr, Leško, Liba, Maďar, Mankó, Marcinko, Molnár, Pacz, Pastor, Postrednový, Racz, Sedlák, Skorodenský, Sobota, Škovran, Šlezák, Špakov, Takáč, Timko, Tobák, Tomaščin, Tóth, Tutkovics, Varga, Vasiľ


village cemetery

Surnames: Lukáč, Jakubík, Fatľo


village cemetery

Surnames: Balint, Brezina, Baldovský, Cvejkuš, Demčák, Farkaš, Fecko, Ferenc, Kocan, Šoganič, Štefan, Orenič, Petričko, Petruš, Mala, Mardzin, Malý, Nemčik, Zboray

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*List of cemeteries

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