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Adolph Strümpell (June 29, 1853 -- 1925); full name Ernst Adolf Gustav Gottfried von Strümpell was a German neurologist who was born in Estate Neu-Autz in Kurland.His medical career was spent at several European universities, including Leipzig, Breslau and Erlangen. At the latter, he stayed from 1886 to 1903, where he was successor to Wilhelm Olivier Leube (1842-1922) as director of the medical clinic.

Along with French neurologist Pierre Marie, he is credited with identifying and diagnosing an arthritic spinal deformity which was to become known as the Marie–Strümpell disease (ankylosing spondylitis). Together with French physician Maurice Lorrain, the eponymous Strümpell-Lorrain disease is named, which is an hereditary spastic paraplegia.

In 1884, Strümpell published a textbook on internal medicine which was based on his experiences. This publication, "Lehrbuch der speziellen Pathologie und Therapie der inneren Krankheiten" was then considered the definitive textbook in Germany in regards to internal medicine. Strümpell's wide-ranging research concerned tabes dorsalis, spinal cord diseases, infantile paralysis, acromegalia, and progressive muscular atrophy. With Wilhelm Heinrich Erb (1840-1921), Friedrich Schultze (1848-1934) and Ludwig Lichtheim (1845-1928), he was co-publisher of the journal "Deutsche Zeitschrift für Nervenheilkunde".


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