Chrome may refer to:




  • Google Chrome, a web browser
  • Chrome (programming language) or Oxygene, an Object Pascal implementation for the .NET Framework
  • User interface chrome, the borders and widgets that frame the content part of a window
  • Chrome Mozilla or XUL, the Mozilla XML user interface language
  • S3 Chrome, a series of graphics accelerators
  • Microsoft Chrome, an API for Dir
  • shahbaz



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  • "Burning Chrome", a cyberpunk short story by William Gibson
  • Chromite, a mineral ore from which chromium is produced
  • Ferrochrome, an alloy of chrome and iron, most commonly used in stainless steel production
  • Chromeffects, a 3D graphics and video add-on for Windows 98
  • Chrome alum or chrome dye, a mordant, the dichromate of potassium or sodium
  • -chrome, a suffix common to many photographic film brand names, primarily those of color reversal films
  • Google Chrome Frame, an Internet Explorer plug-in based on the open-source Chromium
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