List of decommissioned ships of the Hellenic Navy

This is a list of retired naval ships operated by the Hellenic Navy during its history:


Sail battleships

*"Emmanuil" 64 (1824, ex-Russian "Emmanuil", purchased 1830) - BU 1832-33

Early steam battleships

*"Vasilefs Georgios" (1867)
*"Vasilissa Olga" (1869)

= "Hydra"-class battleships =

*"Hydra" (1889-1929)
*"Psara" (1889-1929)
*"Spetsai" (1890-1929)

Pre-dreadnought battleships

= "Mississippi"-class battleships =

*"Limnos" (1914-1932) - The ex-USS Idaho (BB-24). In Greek service named after the Naval Battle of Lemnos, hulk sunk by German aircraft in 1941. [ [ HN webpage on "Limnos"] ] ]
*"Kilkis" (1914-1931) - The ex-USS Mississippi (BB-23). In Greek service named after the Battle of Kilkis-Lahanas, hulk sunk by German aircraft in 1941. [ [ HN webpage on "Kilkis"] ] ]

Dreadnought battleships (Never delivered)

*"Vasilefs Konstantinos" (-) - BU 1914
*"Salamis" (1914) (taken over by Germany 1914; not completed) - BU 1923


Sail cruiser

*"Navarhos Miaoulis" (1879 - 1931)

Armoured cruisers

*"Georgios Averof" (1909 - today) - A Pisa class cruiser, she served as the flagship of the Hellenic Royal Navy during the Balkan Wars, World War I and World War II, now a floating museum at Palaio Faliro. The ship, although currently a hulk, is still commissioned, has a skeleton naval crew and flies the ensign, jack and commission standard.

Light cruisers

*"Elli" (1914 - 1940) - Built as the "Fei Hung" for China, taken over by Greece in 1914, sunk during peacetime by an Italian submarine.
*"Elli II" (1951 - 1965) - The ex-RM "Eugenio di Savoia", given as war reparation for the original "Elli" to Greece after the Second World War.


= "Thyella"-class destroyers =

*"Thyella" (1907 - 1941)
*"Nafkratousa" (1906 - 1921)
*"Lonchi" (1907 - 1926)
*"Sfendoni" (1907 - 1945)

="Niki"-class destroyers=

*"Niki" (1906 - 1945)
*"Aspis" (1907 - 1945)
*"Doxa" (1906 - 1917)
*"Velos" (1907 - 1926)

="Wild Beast" class destroyers=

*"Aetos" (1912-1945)
*"Ierax" (1912-1946)
*"Leon" (1912-1941)
*"Panthir" (1912-1946)

=German V class destroyers=

*"Keravnos" (1912-1919)
*"Nea Genea" (1912-1919)

="Dardo"-class destroyers=

*"Hydra" (1933 - 1941)
*"Spetsai" (1933 - 1946)
*"Psara" (1933 - 1941)
*"Kountouriotis" (1933 - 1946)

=Modified "G"-class destroyers=

*"Vasilefs Georgios" (1938 - 1943)
*"Vasilissa Olga" (1938 - 1943)
* "Vasilefs Konstantinos" (Scheduled, not constructed due to outbreak of World War II)
* "Vasilissa Sofia" (Scheduled, not constructed due to outbreak of World War II)

= "Hunt"-class destroyers =

*"Adrias" (L67) (1942 - 1945) - the ex-HMS "Border".
*"Kriti" (L84) (1943 - 1959) - The ex-HMS "Hursley".
*"Pindos" (L65) - The ex-HMS "Bolebroke".
*"Kanaris" (L53) - The ex-HMS "Hatherleigh".
*"Miaoulis" (L91) - The ex-HMS "Modbury".
*"Adrias II" (L69) (1946 - 1960s) - The ex-HMS "Tanatside", acquired as a replacement of the original "Adrias".
*"Themistoklis" (L51) (1942 - 1959) - The ex-HMS "Bramham".
*"Astings" (L81) (1946 - ? ) - The ex-HMS "Catterick".

= "Gleeves"-class destroyers =

*"Doxa II" (D-20) (1950-1971). Ex USN "USS Ludlow (DD-438).
*"Niki II" (D-63) (1950-1972). Ex USN "USS Eberle (DD-430).

= "Wild Beasts II" ("Cannon")-class destroyer escorts =

*"Leon II" (D-54) (1951-1992) - The ex-USS "Eldridge", involved in the alleged "Philadelphia Experiment".
*"Aetos II" (D-01) (1951-1991) - The ex-USS "Slater", used extensively as a training ship. She is preserved as "Museum ship USS Slater" at Hudson River, Albany, NY. []
*"Ierax II" (D-31) (1951-1991) - The ex-USS "Ebert".
*"Panthir II" (D-67) (1951-1992) - The ex-USS "Garfield Thomas".

= "Fletcher"-class destroyers=

*"Sfendoni II" (D-85) (1959-1992) - The ex-USS "Aulick"
*"Velos II" (D-16) (1959-1991) - The ex-USS "Charette". She is preserved at Faliron Bay (Marina Floisvou) as "HS Velos - museum of struggle against dictatorship (1967-1974)".
*"Aspis II" (D-06) (1959-1991) - The ex-USS "Conner"
*"Lonchi II" (D-56) (1960-1990) - The ex-USS "Hall"
*"Thyella II" (D-28) (1962-1981) - The ex-USS "Bradford"
*"Navarinon II" (D-63) (1962-1981) - The ex-USS "Brown"

= "Gearing"-class destroyers =

= FRAM II type =

*"Themistoklis II" (D-210) (1970 - 1992), named after Themistocles - The ex-USS "Frank Knox", DD-742, class "Gearing FRAM II".
*"Miaoulis II" (D-211) (1971 - 1992) - Named after Admiral Andreas Miaoulis. The ex USN " USS Ingraham", DD-694, class "Allen Sumner FRAM II".

= FRAM I type =

*"Kanaris II" (D-212) (1972 - 1993) - The ex-USS "Stickell", named after Admiral and multiple Prime Minister Constantine Kanaris.
*"Kountouriotis II" (D-213) (1973 - 1994) - The ex-USS "Rupertus", named after the Admiral and later President of Greece, Pavlos Kountouriotis.
*"Sachtouris" (D-214) (1974 - 1992) - The ex-USS "Arnold J. Isbell".
*"Tombazis" (D-215) (1976 - 1997) - The ex-USS "Gurke", named after Iakovos Tombazis, an Admiral of Hydra during the Greek Revolution.
*"Apostolis" (D-216) (1980 - 1992) - The ex-USS "Charles P. Cecil", named after the admiral of Psara during the Greek Revolution.
*"Kriezis" (D-217) - (1980 - 1993) - The ex-USS "Myles C. Fox", named after the Admiral and Prime Minister of Greece (18491854), Antonios Kriezis.

"Rhein"-class destroyer tenders

*"Aigaion" (D-03) (1976-1991) - The ex-German tender Weser (A62).

= "Adams"-class destroyers =

*"Nearchos" (D-219) (1992-2003) - The ex-USS Waddell (DDG-24), named after Nearchus.
*"Formion" (D-220) (1992-2002) - The ex-USS Joseph Strauss (DDG-16), named after Phormio.
*"Themistoklis III" (D-221) (1992-2002) - The ex-USS Berkeley (DDG-15), named after Themistocles.
*"Kimon" (D-218) (1991-2004) - The ex-USS Semmes (DDG-18), named after Kimon.


ail Frigates

*"Hellas" purchased by Philhellenes during the Revolution from the United States (1826–1831)

team Frigates

= "Knox"-class frigates =

Leased to Greece from the USN after the Gulf War.
*"Makedonia" (F-458) (1992-1998) - The ex-USS "Vreeland". In Greek service named after the region of Macedonia. [ [ HN webpage on "Makedonia" (F-458)] ]
*"Thraki" (F-457) (1992-2001) - The ex-USS "Trippe". In Greek service named after the region of Thrace. [ [ HN webpage on "Thraki" (F-457)] ]
*"Ipiros" (F-456) (1992-2002) - The ex-USS "Connole". In Greek service named after the region of Epirus. [ [ HN webpage on "Ipiros" (F-456)] ]


ail Corvettes

*"Psara" (1830-1833) renamed "Prinkips Maximilianos" (1833- ) after Prince Maximilian of Bavaria.
*"Hydra" (1830-1831), burned along with the frigate "Hellas" and the corvette "Spetsai"
*"Spetsai" (1830-1831) the ex-"Agamemnon", owned by Lascarina Bouboulina, and donated to the Hellenic Navy.

team Corvettes

= "Flower" class corvettes =

*"Apostolis" (K84) (1943-1952) (ex-HMS "Hyacinth")
*"Kriezis" (K32) (1944-1952) (ex-HMS "Coreopsis")
*"Sachtouris" (K40) (1942-1952) (ex-HMS "Peony")
*"Tombazis" (K216) (1944-1952) (ex-HMS "Tamarisk")

Torpedo Boats

"Alkyoni" class torpedo boats


"Kydonia" class torpedo boats

"These ships were transferred to Greece from Austria-Hungary as war reparations for World War I"
*"Kydonia" (1920-1941)
*"Kios" (1920-1941)
*"Kyzikos" (1920-1941)
*"Pergamos" (1919-1941)
*"Panormos" (1919-1928)
*"Proussa" (1919-1941)

Esperos class torpedo boats

*"Esperos" P-50 (1977-2004)
*"Lelaps" P-54 (1977-2004)

Landing Ships

Dock landing ship (LSD)

*"Nafkratousa" L-153 (1971-2000), ex USS Fort Mandan (LSD-21).

Tank Carriers (LST)

* 6 x Royal Navy "LST(III)" class
** "Acheloos" (1947-1964) ex RN HMS LST-3503
** "Aliakmon" (1947-1964) ex RN HMS LST-3002
** "Pineios" (1947-1964) ex RN HMS LST-3506
** "Strymon" (1947-1962) ex RN HMS LST-3502
** "Alfeios" (1947-1962) ex RN HMS LST-3020
** "Axios" (1947-1962) ex RN HMS LST-3007

* 8 x US Navy "LST (2)" class
** "Syros" L-144 (1964-1999). Formerly "USS LST-325" of the United States Navy (USN). Currently preserved in Evansville, Indiana as the "USS LST Ship Memorial". [ [ The USS LST ship Memorial] ]
** "Ikaria" L-154 (1960-1998) Ex USN "LST-1086 USS Page County"
** "Rodos" L-157 (1960-1990) Ex USN "LST-391 USS Bowman County"
** "Limnos" L-158 (1943-1977) Ex USN "USS LST-36"
** " Kriti" L-171 (1971-1999) Ex USN "LST-1076 USS Potter County".
** "Lesvos" L-172 (1960-1990) Ex USN "LST-389 USS Boone County". HS Lesvos was involved in combat action in Cyprus on July 20, 1974 (CO Lt Cdr E. Handrinos, HN). She was in the Paphos area on a scheduled mission, carrying replacement personnel to ELDYK. There she attacked the Turkish Cypriot garrison of Paphos with her 40 mm gun and forced them to surrender. [ [ Lesvos L-172 (1960-1990)] ]
** "Samos" L-179 (1943-1977) Ex USN "USS LST-33"
** "Chios" L-195 (1943-1977) Ex USN "USS LST-35"

* 2 x US Navy Terrebone Parish class
** "Oinoussai" L-104 (1977-2003). Ex USN "LST-1157".
** "Kos" L-116 (1977-2001). ex USN "LST-1169". Used as a target and sank during "Thyella III/2004" naval exercise. [ ]

Vehicle Carriers (LSM-1)

* "Ypoploiarchos Grigoropoulos" L-161 (1958-1993)
* "Ypoploiarchos Tournas" (L-162) (1958-1990)
* "Ypoploiarchos Daniolos" (L-163) (1958-1993)
* "Ypoploiarchos Roussen" (L-164) (1958-2001) ex USN "USS LSM-399".
* "Ypoploiarchos Krystallidis" (L-165) (1958-2000) ex USN "USS LSM 541".
* "Ypoploiarchos Merlin" (L-166) (1958-1972). Ex USN "USS LSM-557". On November 15, 1972 she sunk 3 nm off Piraeus harbour after a collision with VLCC tanker "World Hero" (IMO 7033915), with the loss of 44 crew members. [cite web | title=Vehicle Carrier Merlin, Lieutenant L-166 (1958-1972) | publisher=Hellenic Navy | url= | year=2008]

Guided Missile Boats

=Fast Guided Missile Boat type "Combattante II"=

* "Ypoploiarchos Anninos" (P-14) (1972-2002). Ex "HS Nafsithoi", P-56.
* "Ypoploiarchos Arliotis" (P-15) (1972-2002). Ex "HS Evniki", P-55.
* "Ypoploiarchos Konidis" (P-16) (1972-2003). Ex "HS Kymothoi", P-53.
* "Ypoploiarchos Batsis" (P-17) (1972-2004). Ex "HS Kalypso", P-54. The ship was transfered to the Georgian Navy and renamed "The Dioskuria". It was severely damaged in the 2008 South Ossetia war and afterwards scuttled by the Russians. [ [ of MFAC Dioskuria in Poti with damage behind the bridge] ]

=Fast Guided Missile Boat type "Combattante IIIb"=

* "Anthypoploiarchos Kostakos" (P-25) (1980-1996). Sunk on November 4, 1996 at Avlakia, off Samos Island (coord|37|49|N|26|50|E), after being rammed by "F/B Samaina", with loss of 4 crew members. She was salvaged on May 15, 1997 but was never repaired and recommissioned. [cite web | title=Fast Guided Missile Boat type Combattante IIIb Kostakos, Lieutenant P-17(1980-1996) | publisher=Hellenic Navy | url= | year=2008]

Gun Boats

Thetis class gunboats

Formerly German Navy "Class 420" or "Thetis" submarine hunters (U-Jagdboote)

* "Karteria" (P-65) (1992-2004). Ex "FGS Hermes", P-6053
* "Agon" (P-66) (1993-2004). Ex "FGS Theseus", P-6056

Electronic Interception Ships

* "Hermes" (Α-373) (1988-2002). Ex German Navy (class 422) fleet service vessel "Oker" (A-53) (1961-1988). The former 1500 tn trawler "Hoheweg", converted to an electronic surveillance ship by the German Navy in 1961 and sold to Greece in 1988.

Coastal Patrol Boats

*2 x "Panagopoulos" class
** "Panagopoulos ΙΙ" (P-70) (1975-2003)
** "Panagopoulos III" (P-96) (1975-2003)

* 3 x "Delos" class (Abeking) air rescue patrol boats
** "Delos" (P-267) ΑΝΣ Δήλος (1978-1999). Transfered to the Georgian Navy.
** "Knosos" (P-268) ΑΝΣ Κνωσσός (1978-2000). Transfered to the Republic of Cyprus.
** "Lindos" ({P-269) ΑΝΣ Λίνδος (1978-1998). Transfered to the Georgian Navy.

Mine Layers

* "Aktion" Ν-04 (1953-2000). Ex USN "USS LSM 301"
* "Amvrakia" Ν-05 (1953-2002). Ex USN "USS LSM 303"


* "Thalia" Μ-210 (1969-2004). Ex USN "USS MSC-170", ex Belgian Navy "Blankeberge" (M-923)
*"Dafni" Μ-247 (1964-2004). Ex USN "USS MSC-307"
*"Cleo" M-213 (1968-2006). Ex USN "USS MSC-317", ex "HS Argo" (M-213)

Minehunters ("Castagno" class)

*"Euniki" Μ-61 (1995-2005). Ex "IS Gelso", M-5509
*"Erato" M-60 (1995-2006). Ex "IS Castagno", M-5504

Oil Tankers

2 x "Patapsco class" tankers.
* "Arethousa" A-377 (1959-2004). Ex US Navy "USS Natchaug" (AOG-54). After decommissioning she was used as a target and sunk off Crete Island in 2005.
* "Ariadne" A-414 (1959-2003). Ex US Navy "USS Tombigbee (AOG-11)".


Pre-World War I submarines

*Nordenfelt I - The first submarine designed by Thorsten Nordenfelt. It was a 56 tonne, 19.5 m long vessel similar to Garret's ill-fated "Resurgam" (1879), with a range of 240 km and armed with a single torpedo and a 25.4 mm machine gun. It was manufactured by Bolinders in Stockholm in 1884-1885. It operated on the surface using a 100 HP steam engine with a maximum speed of 9 kn, then it shut down its engine to dive. She was purchased by the Greek Government and was delivered to Salamis Naval Base in 1886. Following the acceptance tests, she was never used again by the Hellenic Navy and was scrapped in 1901. [cite book | author=Vice Admiral C. Paizis-Paradellis, HN | title=Hellenic Warships 1829-2001 (3rd Edition) | location=Athens, Greece | publisher=The Society for the study of Greek History | year=2002 | isbn=960-8172-14-4|pages=133 ]
*"Delfin" - The first submarine in the world to launch a torpedo attack, during the First Balkan War.

"Katsonis" class

Built in France in 1925-27.
*"Katsonis" (Υ-1) (1928-1943) Named after Lambros Katsonis. [ [ HN webpage on "Katsonis" (Y-1)] ]
*"Papanikolis" (Υ-2) (1927-1945) [ [ HN webpage on "Papanikolis" (Y-2)] ] Her sail is preserved at the Maritime Museum in Piraeus.

"Protefs" class

Built in France in 1927-30.
*"Protefs" (Υ-3) (1929-1940) Named after the marine god Proteus. [ [ HN webpage on "Protefs" (Y-3)] ]
*"Nirefs" (Υ-4) (1930-1947) Named after the marine god Nereus. [ [ HN webpage on "Nirefs" (Y-4)] ]
*"Triton" (Υ-5) (1930-1942) Named after the marine god Triton. [ [ HN webpage on "Triton" (Y-5)] ]
*"Glafkos" (Υ-6) (1930-1942) Named after the marine god Glaucus. [ [ HN webpage on "Glafkos" (Y-6)] ]

"Perla" class

*"Matrozos" (Υ-7) (1942-1945). The ex-Italian "Perla", captured by the Royal Navy and transferred to Greece. Named after the naval hero of the Greek Revolution, Georgios Matrozos. [ [ HN webpage on "Matrozos" (Y-7)] ]

= "V" class =

Under lease from Britain.
*"Pipinos" (Υ-8) (1943-1959) Named after the naval hero of the Greek Revolution, Andreas Pipinos. [ [ HN webpage on "Pipinos" (Υ-8)] ]
*"Delfin II" (Υ-9) (1945-1957)
*"Triaina" (Υ-14) (1946-1958)
*"Argonaftis" (Υ-15) (1946-1958)

= "U" class =

Under lease from Britain.
*"Xifias II" (Υ-10) (1945-1952) - The ex-HMS Untiring (P59)
*"Amfitriti" (Υ-11) (1945-1952) - The ex-HMS Upstart (P65)

= "Gato" class =

* "Amfitriti II" (S-17) (1958-1967) - The ex-USS Jack (SS-259)
*"Poseidon" (S-78) (1957-1976) - The ex-USS Lapon (SS-260)

= "Balao" class =

* "Triaina II" (S-65) (1965-1980) - The ex-USS Scabbardfish (SS-397)
*"Papanikolis II" (S-114) (1972-1992) The ex-USS Hardhead (SS-365), GUPPY IIA type.

= "Tench" class =

*"Katsonis II (S-115)" (1973-1993) - The ex-USS Remora (SS-487), GUPPY III type.


*"Mount Othrys", named after Mount Othrys
*"Tilemachos", named after Telemachus
*"Aris" (A-74) (1979 - 2004). Former training ship, mainly used by the Hellenic Naval Academy and capable to be used as a hospital ship in time of war. [cite web|url= | title=Training Ship Aris Α-74(1979 - 2004) | publisher=Hellenic Navy | year=2008 | accessdate=2008-07-21] After decommissioning (2004) moored at Naval Dock Crete, Souda Bay and used by "NATO Maritime Interdiction Operations Training Center" (NMIOTC) as a training facility. [cite web| url= | title=NMIOTC Interim Solution | publisher=NATO NMIOTC | accessdate=2008-07-21]


Further reading

* cite book
author=Vice Admiral C. Paizis-Paradellis, HN
title=Hellenic Warships 1829-2001 (3rd Edition)
location=Athens, Greece
publisher=The Society for the study of Greek History

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