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Blue Sky Black Death (abbreviated BSBD) is a production duo based in San Francisco, California and Seattle, Washington [ [ The Plug One Q&A: Blue Sky Black Death] ] . The duo consists of Kingston (Kingston Maguire) and Young God (Ian Taggart) [ [ Blue Sky Black Death at Discogs] ] . They are known principally for their Hip Hop and Instrumental music, made with a mix of live instrumentation and sampling. Their name is "a skydiving phrase alluding to beauty and death" [ [ MVRemix Urban Interviews Hell Razah and Blue Sky Black Death] ] .

Recording history

After each member produced a number of tracks for various rappers on his own, Blue Sky Black Death made its debut on Mush Records in 2006, with the release of their double-disc debut album "A Heap of Broken Images". The first disc featured twelve instrumental tracks, while the second disc featured a number of guests rapping over their production, which included Jus Allah (of Jedi Mind Tricks), Sabac Red (formerly of Non Phixion), Wise Intelligent (of Poor Righteous Teachers), A-Plus and Pep Love (of Hieroglyphics), Chief Kamachi (of Army of the Pharaohs), Mikah 9 (formerly of Freestyle Fellowship), Virtuoso (formerly of Army of the Pharaohs), Awol One and Holocaust. The album's acclaimed production led to the duo landing a record deal with popular independent rap label Babygrande Records.

The chemistry felt on their track with Holocaust, a West Coast Wu-Tang Clan affiliate, led to a full-length collaboration album between BSBD and the rapper. On September 5, 2006, Babygrande released the duo's second album "". Holocaust provided all vocals on the album, while BSBD provided all production. The album featured the single "The Ocean" b/w "No Image". The duo's next album was a collaboration with another Wu-Tang affiliate, Sunz of Man and Black Market Militia member Hell Razah, titled "Razah's Ladder", released October 23, 2007 on Babygrande. Unlike "The Holocaust", the album included outside guest appearances, featuring Crooked I, Shabazz the Disciple, Ill Bill, Sabac Red and Prodigal Sunn. The duo strayed from the dark soundscapes featured on "The Holocaust", instead providing a soulful backdrop for Razah. Shortly before the release of "Razah's Ladder", the duo released a mixtape titled "Dirtnap", featuring a number of leftover's from the upcoming album, various collaborations and instrumentals.

On April 29th 2008 the group released their fourth studio album entitled "Late Night Cinema." This project is their first entirely instrumental project.


In June 2007, Blue Sky Black Death posted two preview tracks of a forthcoming tribute to Wu-Tang Clan. The two tracks: "Rebel to the Grain" and "Slapbox with Jesus", were completely made up of various Wu-Tang samples. It was announced that these tracks would appear on a limited edition 7" release on Mush Records in 2008. They have recently completed three more projects. They contributed twelve of thirteen tracks for Phoenix MC Gutta's debut album "Heads Will Roll", to be released September 2 on Babygrande. After several months of contemplation, Chuck Wilson decided to green light the previously mentioned project. On September 30, Babygrande will release another collaborative album with Jean Grae, titled "The Evil Jeanius". Babygrande will also be releasing the debut of Slow Burning Lights, BSBD's side project with singer Yes Alexander, on November 11. They have also completed another album with side project Deadpan Darling, a collaboration with singer Ceschi, and are recording a collaborative album with rappers Crooked I and Ill Bill [cite web| url= | title=The Plug One Q&A: Blue Sky Black Death | last=Reeves | first=Mosi || date=2008-05-26] .


Production credits


*2006: Blue Sky Black Death "A Heap of Broken Images"
*2006: Blue Sky Black Death & Holocaust ""
*2007: Blue Sky Black Death & Hell Razah "Razah's Ladder"
*2008: Blue Sky Black Death "Late Night Cinema"
*2008: Blue Sky Black Death ""
*2008: Gutta "Heads Will Roll"
*2008: Blue Sky Black Death & Jean Grae "The Evil Jeanius"
*2008: Slow Burning Lights "Slow Burning Lights"


*2004: Jus Allah "All Fates Have Changed" (Unreleased version) ("Vengeance", "Drill Sergeant") (Kingston solo)
*2005: Jus Allah "All Fates Have Changed" ("Black Godz (Remix)") (Kingston solo)
*2007: Sabac Red "The Collection Vol. 2" ("Engage My Words (Remix)", "The Ritual Part 1", "Darkness Deepens", "Anywhere", "Shift of the Earth")
*2007: Ill Bill "Black Metal" ("Darkness Deepens")
*2007: Juice "The Death Certificate" ("Halos (Remix)")
*2008: T.H.U.G. Angelz "Welcome to Red Hook Houses" ("Audiobiography (Remix)")
*2008: Ras Kass "Institutionalized Volume 2" ("Elevate")

External links

* [ Official site]
*myspace|blueskyblackdeath|Blue Sky Black Death
* [ Babygrande Records website]
* [ Mush Records website]


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