Aras Free Zone

Aras Free Trade - Industrial Zone is situated in East Azarbaijan province, in the north-west of Iran, adjacent to Autonomous Republic Nakhichivan, Armenia and the Republic of Azerbaijan. The climate is mild thanks to the Aras River and Arasbaran Jungles. The Aras Free Zone measures 97 km². It is located 137 km from Tabriz, one of the major academic and industrial hubs of Iran, and 761 km from the capital city Tehran. Jolfa, the center of the Zone, has a century old background in international commercial and customs activities.

Aras Free Trade - Industrial Zone Organization

This Organization is established by the decree of the Islamic Consultative Assembly on 24 August, 2003 in order to accelerate the accomplishment of infrastructures, development, economic progress, increase of public income, creation of productive employment, regulating of goods and labor markets, to be actively present in regional and world markets and to produce and to export the industrial and processing goods as well as rendering public services.


Aras Free Zone (AFZ), with Jolfa as it center, is located in extreme north of Nortj-West Iran. It is located on bank of ARAX river. The beautiful ARAX river is natural border of Iran with Azerbaijan Republic, Armenia and Nakhjavan. Surface area of AFZ, is about 1,000 square kilometres and is located between two of most beautiful protected areas of Iran, namely KIAMAKI and ARASBARAN. Its distance from Tabriz, Industrial hub of north-west Iran and also second city in Iran is about 137 kilometers.


AFZ is located in semi dry and semi cold North-West part of Iran. Annual rain fall is about 225 t 400 milliliters per year and average temperature is about 15 degree Celsius. In Jolfa, about 50 days per re considered as cold days. AFZ, is in very close approximately of high mountains. these high mountains have cold climate.

Major facilities

Railways and roads Electricity network Irrigation and water distribution network Gas distribution network Communication network Branches of all major banks and insurances Border Terminals Custom Warehouses Airport(Tabriz) Government offices and ministerial branches Hotel, Motel & Restaurants

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