List of James Bond allies in On Her Majesty's Secret Service

This is a list of James Bond allies in the film On Her Majesty's Secret Service.


Recurring allies

Marc-Ange Draco

Marc-Ange Draco
Character from the James Bond franchise
Marc-Ange Draco by Gabriele Ferzetti.jpg
Affiliation Unione Corse
Relatives Daughter: Tracy Bond (deceased)
Wife: Unnamed (deceased)
Granddaughter: Unnamed (deceased)
Portrayed by Gabriele Ferzetti

Marc-Ange Draco, a Corsican, is the head of one of the most powerful crime syndicates in the world, the Unione Corse, and is the father of Tracy Bond (therefore becoming James Bond's father-in-law) by an Englishwoman (long deceased). Draco has his home in Portugal (in the film) and has legal businesses operating across Europe, including Draco Construction; in the film, when Bond follows Draco's lead to Blofeld's lawyer in Berne, Switzerland, a Draco Construction crane on the site beside the building is used to lift a safe-cracking device across to 007 in the lawyer's offices. Draco's empire also includes real-estate holdings and demolition contracting, which proves critical when Draco's men attack Blofeld's mountaintop hideout of Piz Gloria. Draco is very wealthy (later, he and M are heard discussing a 1964 gold bullion job where the Unione Corse got away with "quite a haul") and offers Bond a million pounds to marry his daughter. He is rarely without his two right-hand men, security guards named Che-Che and Toussaint, and his youthful consort, Olympe.

Draco explains that he wants Bond to marry Tracy in order to help with her erratic tendencies, which have led to her suicide attempt – he relates the story of his late wife and Tracy's own troubled life (it is possible Draco may have had a hand in the death of Tracy's first husband, an unfaithful Italian count). In exchange for entertaining the idea of courting Tracy, Bond has Draco use his contacts in the underworld to help locate his nemesis, Ernst Stavro Blofeld – MI6 having abandoned the search (Operation Bedlam). Draco reveals that some of his men have recently defected to SPECTRE and he gives 007 the lawyer connection. Ultimately, when the government ties M's hands and is prepared to capitulate to Blofeld's demands, Bond again turns to Draco and, during the film's climax, a group of Union Corse men plus Bond attack Piz Gloria in helicopters (posing as a Red Cross mercy flight for the Italian flood disaster). By now, Bond has fallen in love with Tracy and, because she is held captive on the mountain, both men have an additional motivation in attacking the base. Subsequently marrying the rescued Tracy, Bond surprises Draco by happily declining the million-pound dowry.

Ian Fleming named Draco after the Spanish name for Sir Francis Drake.[1] Author Raymond Benson revisits the character in his own 'Union Trilogy' of novels, High Time To Kill, Doubleshot and Never Dream of Dying.

Shaun Campbell

Shaun Campbell
Character from the James Bond franchise
Shaun Campbell by Bernard Horsfall.jpg
Affiliation British Secret Service or Unione Corse
Portrayed by Bernard Horsfall

Shaun Campbell is a fictional character and ally of James Bond in Ian Fleming's On Her Majesty's Secret Service. The character was adapted for the 1969 film, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, although he is only referred to as Campbell. He was portrayed by Bernard Horsfall.

Novel biography

Campbell is an agent of the British Secret Service, stationed at Station Z. He eventually follows a Russian to Piz Gloria at the same time James Bond is there impersonating Sir Hilary Bray. Campbell is caught and after Bond discloses that he does not recognize or know him, Campbell is tortured. Ultimately Campbell breaks, giving away Bond's identity.

Film biography

In the film version, Campbell serves as a covert back-up man for James Bond, but his affiliation is somewhat ambiguous. He may either be a fellow MI6 agent (which is supported by the fact that he supplies Bond with a safe-cracking device that is presumably a piece of MI6 equipment, speaks in an English accent, is described by Blofeld as a countryman of Bond's and is clearly described as an MI6 agent in the novel) or a mob soldier of Draco's (which is supported by the fact that he first encounters Bond using a Draco Construction crane from a Draco Construction site, during a segment of the film when Bond is officially operating on his own on vacation from MI-6 and being guided by advice from Draco, who has just dropped Bond off at his mission objective against the Swiss attorney by car). Either way, he is clearly working as a field assistant to Bond.

Campbell first appears to help Bond steal information about Blofeld from Gumbold's high-rise office by using a crane to deliver a safe-cracking device. Later, posing as a tourist when Bond arrives by train at the Piz Gloria ski area (posing as Sir Hilary Bray), he follows in a Volkswagen 1300 as Irma Bunt picks his subject up in a horse-drawn sleigh and takes him to a local heliport. Then he tries to take a cable car up to Piz Gloria in order to maintain contact with Bond, but is confronted at the station by Blofeld's henchman, Grunther, and forcefully refused permission to ride. Campbell then decides to take events into his own hands and attempts to rock climb up to Piz Gloria. Unfortunately for Campbell, he is detected by Blofeld's guards and captured. Blofeld briefly interrogates the indignant Campbell, who tries to maintain his cover as an innocent mountain climbing tourist. At some point afterwards, Campbell is killed by unexplained means and left hanging upside down from a cliff (presumably by Blofeld's men) in what is meant to appear as a mountain climbing accident. His dangling body is later shown to Bond as a warning by Blofeld.

This character is never mentioned by name in any film dialogue, though he is listed as Campbell in the credits.

Sir Hilary Bray

Sir Hilary Bray, Bt
Character from the James Bond franchise
Sir Hilary Bray by George Baker.jpg
Affiliation College of Arms
Portrayed by George Baker

Sir Hilary Bray, Bt. is a fictional James Bond character in the film On Her Majesty's Secret Service. He is a minor Bond ally and is portrayed by George Baker (who also dubbed Lazenby where Bond is impersonating Bray).

Film biography

Sir Hilary Bray is a genealogist with the College of Arms in London. He appears briefly in an interview with Bond concerning the possible identity of Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Bond suspects that Blofeld is trying to gain the title of Count De Bleauchamp through Sir Hilary). As it is a matter of national security, the normally discreet genealogist agrees to help in Bond's mission by allowing Bond to assume his scholarly identity as a way to worm into Blofeld's circle of confidence (as the latter is anxious to have his claim to a nobleman's title confirmed). It is implied that Bond spends significant time being trained in the arts of heraldry and genealogical research by Bray, but this period is not actually shown. In the end, Blofeld is not fooled for long by Bond in his Sir Hillary Bray disguise, and neither is Bond fooled for long by Blofelds Count De Bleauchamp claims as both men have met in person before.


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