Gold Star (disambiguation)

Gold Star (disambiguation)

The Gold Star is the highest state decoration in the Soviet Union and several post-Soviet states.

Gold Star may also refer to:

In military:

* Gold Bauhinia Star, the highest rank in Order of the Bauhinia Star in Hong Kong
* Gold Star Families for Peace, United States based organization founded in January 2005
* Gold Star Lapel Button, awarded to next of kin of U.S. Armed Forces members who lost their lives in designated conflicts
* Gold Star Mothers Club, World War II non-government organization
* Gold Star Wives, World War II non-government organization

In music:

* Gold Star Records, record label issued by the Quinn Recording Company of Houston, Texas in the mid-20th century
* Gold Star Studios, major independent recording studio located in Los Angeles, California
* Gold Star Music, a record label

In other fields:

* BSA Gold Star, 500 cc 4-stroke production motorcycle
* Gold Star Bridge, pair of steel truss bridges located in New London, Connecticut, USA
* Gold Star Chili, restaurant located in Cincinnati, Ohio known for serving Cincinnati-style chili
* CAMS Gold Star, is awarded to the winner of the Australian Drivers Championship, the country's premier open wheel motor racing series.
* Goldstar (DC Comics); multiple DC Comics superheros have used this name.
* Gold Star, ("kinboshi" in Japanese) is awarded in the sport of Sumo to any Maegashira-level wrestler who defeats any of the top-ranked Yokozuna in a bout.

ee also

* Goldstar
* Award star
* Service flag

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