List of Italian destroyers

This is a list of destroyers of the Regia Marina and Marina Militare, sorted by era and class.

World War I

*"Lampo" class:
** in Tripoli: "Ostro", "Lampo"
** in Tobruk: "Euro", "Strale"
** in Valona: "Dardo"
*"Nembo" class:
** in Brindisi: "Nembo", "Turbine", "Espero", "Borea", "Aquilone"
** in Venice: "Zeffiro"
*"Soldati/Artigliere" class:
** in Taranto: "Granatiere"
** in Venice: "Bersagliere", "Garibaldino", "Corazziere", "Lanciere", "Artigliere"
*"Soldati/Alpino"' class:
** in Venice: "Alpino", "Fuciliere", "Pontiere", "Ascaro"
*"Indomito" class:
** in La Spezia: "Impetuoso"
** in Taranto: "Impavido", "Insidioso", "Irrequieto"
*"Ardito" class:
** in Brindisi: "Ardito", "Ardente"
*"Audace" class:
** in Brindisi: "Audace", "Animoso"
*"Pilo" class:
** in Brindisi: "Francesco Nullo"

World War II

*"Leone" class
**3 vessels - 2,283 t
*"Navigatori" class
**12 vessels - 2,010 t, among which "Leone Pancaldo"
*"Oriani" or "Poeti" class
**4 vessels - 1,950 t, among which "Vittorio Alfieri" and "Giosué Carducci"
**"Soldati" class: 12 vessels (divided into "First Soldati" or "Camicia Nera" and "Second soldati" class) - 1,620 t, among which "Alpino", "Artigliere", "Ascari", "Aviere", "Bersagliere", "Carabiniere" and "Lanciere"
*"Maestrale" class
**4 vessels - 1,449 t, among which "Grecale" and "Scirocco"
*"Dardo" class
**4 vessels - 1,450 t, among which "Strale"
*"Mirabello" class
**2 vessels - 1,383 t
*"Folgore" class
**4 vessels - 1,220 t
*"Borea" class
**8 vessels - 1,092 t
*"Sauro" class
**4 vessels - 1,058 t
*"Sella" class
**2 vessels - 935 t

Captured ships

* "Premuda" - former Yugoslav destroyer Dubrovnik captured in April 1941
* Beograd class destroyer - 2 former Yugoslav destroyers captured in April 1941

Post-World War II

* "Impetouso" class
** Impetouso (D 558)
** Indomito (D 559)
* "Impavido" class
** Impavido (D 570)
** Intrepido (D 571)
* "Audace" class
** Audace (D 551)
** Ardito (D 550)
*"De la Penne" class
**"Luigi Durand De la Penne" (D 560; formerly "Animoso")
**"Francesco Mimbelli" (D 561; formerly "Ardimentoso")

ee also

* Red Sea Flotilla

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