Avis may refer to:


*"Associazione Volontari Italiani Sangue", or "AVIS", the major Italian blood donation organisation
*Andover Village Improvement Society, the oldest conservation society in the eastern United States


*Auster Avis, a four-seat light aircraft developed from the Auster Autocrat (abandoned project)
*Avis Budget Group, founded in 2006 as the successor company to Cendant Corporation
**Avis Rent a Car System, a car and truck rental firm
***Aju Avis, an automobile rental headquartered in Guro-dong Guro-gu Seoul Korea and established in 1988
*Haugesunds Avis, a daily newspaper published in Haugesund, Norway


*Avis, a Harry Potter spell
*Avis Durgan, the ASCII-string encoded in the text of the vintage Sierra Entertainment AGI adventure games
*Avis de Recherche, Canadian French language category 2 digital cable specialty channel
*Rarae Avis, an indie rock group


Given name (in order of Surname)

*Avis Bunnage (1923-1990), British actress of film, stage and television
*Avis M. Dry (1922–2007), clinical psychologist and an author on the psychology of Carl Jung
*Avis Favaro (born 1958), Canadian medical correspondent for CTV News since 1992
*Avis Gray (born 1954), politician in Manitoba, Canada
*Avis Kimble (born 1944), American model
*Avis Miller (born 1945), American model

Family name

*House of Aviz, the Portuguese royal dynasty
*David Avis, Canadian and British computer scientist
*Samuel B. Avis (1872-1924), American politician
*Warren Avis (1915-2007), the founder of Avis Rent A Car
* Nick Avis, British computer scientist


*Avis, Pennsylvania, a borough in Clinton County, Pennsylvania, United States
*Avis (Portugal), a municipality in the south of Portugal

cience and technology

*Avis, Latin singular for bird, see class of birds, Aves
*Avis, plural of the video file format AVI
*calcar avis (hippocampus minor), an involution of the ventricular wall produced by the calcarine fissure

ee also

*Aves (disambiguation)

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