Fire In The Hole (Silver Dollar City)

Infobox roller coaster
name=Fire in the Hole

location=Silver Dollar City
section=The Riverfront
manufacturer=Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation
designer=Herschend Enterprises
lift=Trains are powered, propelling themselves on uphill sections. Trains then freely roll over drops. Tires embedded in the track also move trains through certain sections.
duration= 3:30

Fire In The Hole is a three story steel enclosed roller coaster at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri. The ride was built in-house by Silver Dollar City in 1972. The ride is often referred to as a cross between dark ride and roller coaster. A similar ride, "Blazing Fury" was built at the Herschends' other theme park, Silver Dollar City Tennessee in 1978, now known as Dollywood; near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.


Fire In The Hole is themed around the story of an old mountain town named Marmaros. Marmaros was the mining town that once existed near the present day sight of Silver Dollar City. The town of Marmaros was built for the miners of near by Marvel Cave with the intentions of being a tourist village such as Eureka Springs, Arkansas and Ponce De Leon, Missouri. The town died out after the mining ceased. Much of the town was later destroyed by fire.

Marmaros was rumored to be burnt to the ground by a group of vigilantes known as the Baldknobbers. Obscure facts are now legend and some believe the burning of the village started out as a drunken fight in a local tavern. Others blame the Baldknobbers and their outrage over the idea of a Canadian, William H. Lynch’s purchase of Marvel Cave.

Riders pass scenes of the town's residents trying to extinguish the flames before crossing a collapsing bridge, nearly getting run-over by a steam train, and wrecking into a dynamite storage shack. In the ride's finale the coaster trains are sent hurtling over a drop into a pool of water with a splash down finish. The splash can be enhanced during the summer months to drench riders.

Fire In The Hole's dated production values and odd subject matter have made the ride a cult favorite, with some people even developing "callback lines" to shout at various points during the ride.


Throughout the ride, there are many scenes of Marmaros engulfed in flames. The scenes include a burning hotel, camp of Baldknobbers, blazing cabin, collapsing bridge, and a Main Street which includes a saloon, Undertaker and Blacksmith.

A shootout takes place on Main Street between three Baldknobbers and the town Sheriff. This results in the Undertaker’s windows being shot out and bullet holes in the water tower spraying riders.

One of the hotels occupants is trying to escape through a window wearing only his red underwear. As you travel past the hotel you hear the man and his wife’s conversation:

"Sadie: Red Flanders you come back and put on your pants."

"Red: Sadie I can’t, the dang Baldknobbers stole um’."

"Sadie: Stole them! What in the sam hill are they doing with your pants?"

"Red: I think they wanted the gold in the pocket."

To increase rider capacity a large section of track was removed in 1982. After the first dip (Collapsing Bridge) the ride would turn right and later reconnect in front of the second dip (Train Collision). If you look close at the scene where the cabin is burning there is a moon and some stars above one of the old track areas. Also when you see the sign “Kinney Bridge” on your left is a large open area where scenes once existed.

Theme Song

A song was created in 1972 to accompany the ride. The theme song plays throughout the ride and on the exterior of the building. While waiting in the exterior queue-line one can hear the song along with conversations between two men exclaiming the heroic deeds of firefighters.

Fire in the Hole: The Song

"Baldknobbers comin’, ridin’ fast, armed with rifles, wearin’ masks"

"Baldknobbers comin’ they’re drawin’ near, everyone’s heart is filled with fear"

"Run boys run; don’t be slow, Baldknobbers comin’, there’s Fire in the Hole"

"Run boys run; don’t be slow, Baldknobbers comin’, there’s Fire in the Hole"

"Flames and smoke are rollin’ high, Baldknobbers set this town on fire"

"It was peacful livin’, ‘twas our home town ‘til the Baldknobbers came and they burned it down"

"Run boys run; don’t be slow, Baldknobbers comin’, there’s Fire in the Hole"

"Run boys run; don’t be slow, Baldknobbers comin’, there’s Fire in the Hole"

"Men and horses all over town, thunderin’ hooves that jar the ground"

"Ain’t no need for us hangin' round, all our homes are ashes now"

"Fire on the mountain, woe be woe, fire on the mountain, Fire in the Hole"

"Fire on the mountain, woe be woe, fire on the mountain, Fire in the Hole"


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