DMB-T/H or DTMB (GB 20600-2006) is the digital terrestrial television standard applied in the People's Republic of China (PRC), including Hong Kong and Macau. This mandatory standard will cover both fixed and mobile terminals and will eventually serve more than half of the television viewers in the PRC, especially those in suburban and rural areas.


The standard is being officially called Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcast (abbreviated as DTMB. The standard was formerly named as Digital Multimedia Broadcast-Terrestrial/Handheld and in short DMB-T/H). DTMB is an outgrowth of work at Jiaotong University (developed ADTB-T, similar to ATSC, which coexists with DVB-T) in Shanghai and Tsinghua University (developed DMB-T) in Beijing, each of which had hoped to provide the sole technology – but neither of which had the technical or political muscle to achieve that goal, the final decision was to opt for a dual standard and fuse with the TiMi 3 standard, as a direct result of backward compatibility as the exploitation of ADTB-T, DMB-T and DVB-T for HDTV transmission via set-top boxes occurred prior to the final draft of the standard, thus making DTMB a fusion of the two aforementioned standards, the ADTB-T and DMB-T.

The data transmission methodology implemented by the standard is the TDS-OFDM [zh icon [ Tsing Hua University coverage] , retrieved October 18, 2007] (short for "Time Domain Synchronuous-Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing"), which mainly is a multiple-carrier modulation technology, supporting both single-carrier and dual-carrier modulation schemes. The standard, according to the co-developer of the DMB-T standard with Tsing Hua University, is capable of transmitting "acceptable" signal qualities for the HDTV receiver to be moving at 200 km/h speed. The standard also has the support of mobile digital TV service on handhelds which is absent from typical digital TV implementations in Europe and America. In addition to these, the radius of the area with signal coverage using the DTMB standard is 10 km longer than the European implementation, the DVB-T standard. The standard also has the advantages of the three standards, DVB-T, ADTB-T and TiMi 3 as the DTMB standard is the fusing of the three technologies.

Despite the advantages, there are also short comings of the standard. As the standard supports both, single-carrier and dual-carrier modulation schemes as well as not defining the default video encoding standards, the R&D cost and complexity of the chip IC for this standard will be increased, leading to more expensive receiver products. In addition, TV programs bought from overseas which are broadcast in digital TV format may have to do a signal conversion that suits the DTMB environment, as the DTMB standard is slightly different than the original DVB-T and ATSC standards, which is less cost effective.

It is worth to note in spite of the data transmission methodology of the standard being set, the standard itself does not restrict broadcasters to certain number of video codecs to be used in transmitting digital TV signals, that each individual broadcasters have the discretion to utilize any of the video codecs that supports high-definition video, as well as the systems providing subtitles, Electronic Programme Guides and interactive features. See the section below for different implementations.


Mainland China

The PRC government announced the final approval of the standard on August 1, 2007. All video contents of the 2008 Beijing Olympics will be broadcast in high-definition (720p or 1080i) using the DMB-T standard.

Hong Kong SAR

Digital broadcasts in Hong Kong began at 7 p.m. on December 31, 2007. One of the free-to-air television broadcasters, TVB, will broadcast the Olympics in high-definition with 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound.

Further reading

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Countries and territories using DMB-T/H


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*flagcountry|Iraq (Experimental)
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The Americas

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