Patient (disambiguation)

Patient (disambiguation)

Patient may refer to:
*Patient, any person who receives medical attention, care, or treatment
*Patient (grammar), in linguistics, the participant of a situation upon whom an action is carried out

*In music:
**"Patient", a song by Peter Hammill from his 1983 album "Patience"
**"Patient", a song by Klinik from their 1992 album "Contrast"
**"Patient", a song by Corpus Delicti from their 1994 album "Sylphes"
**Patient (band), a dark ambient, industrial music artist from Los Angeles, California
**"The Patient", a song by Fine China from their 2000 album "When The World Sings"
**"The Patient", a song by Tool from their 2001 album "Lateralus"

*"Patiently", a song by Journey from their 1978 album "Infinity"

ee also

*Patience (disambiguation)

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