Corretto (coffee roaster)

A Corretto is a device for home roasting coffee that uses a bread machine to stir the beans and a stand-mounted heat gun to provide the heat. The name 'Corretto' is used by many Australian home coffee roasters after the username of the person who promoted its use among the Australian home coffee roasting community. [ [ Coffee Snobs forum] ] . (The Italian word "corretto" means ‘corrected’ and a "caffè corretto" is an espresso coffee to which a shot of grappa has been added.)

Typically this method allows a much greater control of the roasting process and when coupled with a data logging multimeter it is second only to professional roasting machines in the ability to monitor and control roasting variables. Typically this roasting process can be controlled sufficiently to deliver a roast that is similar in profile to commercial coffee roasters. This allows the home roaster to prepare pre-blended roasts of coffee beans with much greater quality control than by most other methods.

While the method is among many used by home coffee roasters around the world it is a fairly recent innovation and in its current form was developed in Australia and has rapidly grown in popularity. In the United States and Canada the bread machine is also popular as a coffee roaster although many home roasters there use turbo oven elements as the heat source. There is a growing community of dedicated Corretto users, who are becoming distinctive in the commitment to logging data of individual bean roasts and sharing the roasting profiles to build the knowledge base of this method of home roasting coffee. Data logging Corretto users have identified controls for collecting data, including the position of thermocouples, periods in data recording and protocols for the presentation of the data.

The Corretto has found a niche among home coffee roasters dissatisfied with the lack of control of roasting variables possible in most home roasting methods. [ [ Coffee Snobs forum] ] The Corretto provides a cheaper option than commercially produced home roasting machines but still allows the home roaster to produce high quality, high volume roasts of up to 700g of coffee at a time.


The combination of components that make a Corretto roaster distinct from other breadmaker roasting methods is:

* Heat gun
* Thermocouple (usually inserted through a hole drilled into the pan)
* Digital Multimeter


External links

* [ CoffeeSnobs] - An Australian green bean co-op with a large forum used to develop the Corretto technique

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