List of Niger-related topics

List of Niger-related topics

This page aims to list articles on Wikipedia that are related to Niger. This is so that those interested in the subject can monitor changes to the pages by clicking on "Related changes" in the sidebar.

Niger-related people

*Souley Abdoulaye
*Semira Adamu
*Boukary Adji
*Ismaël Alassane
*Hamid Algabid
*Hama Amadou
*Djibo Bakary
*Amadou Cheiffou
*Amadou Cissé
*Andrée Clair
*Mano Dayak
*Hamani Diori
*Mahamadou Issoufou
*Seyni Kountché
*Aliou Mahamidou
*Tandja Mamadou
*Ibrahim Baré Maïnassara
*Ibrahim Hassane Mayaki
*Aïchatou Mindaoudou
*Mohammed Muyei
*Ide Oumarou
*Mamane Oumarou
*Mahamane Ousmane
*Oum Ramatou
*Nassirou Sabo
*Ali Saibou
*Ibrahim Tankary
*Daouda Malam Wanké
*Ilguilas Weila
*Moussa Yahaya

Places in Niger

*List of cities in Niger
**Birni N'Gaouré
*Regions of Niger
**Agadez Region
**Diffa Region
**Dosso Region
**Maradi Region
**Tahoua Region
**Tillabéri Region
**Zinder Region
*Departments of Niger
*Communes of Niger

Nature in Niger

*Aïr Mountains
*Arbre du Ténéré
*Azawagh and Ayr region
*Djado Plateau
*W National Park
*Niger River

History of Niger

*2005-06 Niger food crisis
*Niger uranium forgeries
*Upper Senegal and Niger
*French West Africa
*Senegambia and Niger
*UTA Flight 772
*Nigerien presidential election, 2004


*Ethnic groups
**Fula people
**Hausa people
**Yerwa Kanuri
*Languages of Niger
**Tuareg languages
**Songhay languages
**Hausa language
**Fula language
**Kanuri language
**Tayart Tamajeq
**Zarma language
* Coat of arms of Niger
* Cure Salee
* Flag of Niger
* Islam in Niger
* Islamic University of Niger
* Music of Niger
* Diocese of Niamey
* Kel Ayr
* La Nigérienne
* Lycée La Fontaine (Niger)
* Mamar Kassey
* Nigerien hip hop
* Public holidays in Niger
* Roman Catholicism in Niger
* Sahel Academy
* Yamma Mosque


* Association des Scouts du Niger
* AfricaPhonebook
* Annulaires Afrique
* Communications in Niger
* Demographics of Niger
* Economy of Niger
* Foreign relations of Niger
* Galmi Hospital
* Military of Niger
* Politics of Niger
* Societe Semafo
* Transport in Niger
* Diori Hamani International Airport
* List of airports in Niger
* Zinder Airport

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