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Dinners Ready is a franchised meal preparation business based in Mukilteo, Washington, United States. Founded by Scott Farrar & Brad Vorhees in 2003.[1] Mr. Farrar was named one of Seattle's top 25 innovators of 2006 by the Seattle Business Monthly. The company has had 35 stores in the United States and Canada. After the board of directors censured Mr. Vorhee's as a result of various disagreements, Mr. Vorhee's left the company to form a competing company called "Day by Day Gourmet". Two "Day by Day Gourmet" stores opened in 2007 and have since closed.

The company is part of the food industry where customers can visit a local preparation kitchen and assemble meals to freeze and cook at home.[2] Customers can assemble the meals themselves or have staff do it for them. Meals serve two, four, or six people and there are sixteen choices, with the menu changing each month.


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