Adelfoi Islets

Adelfoi Islets

Infobox Greek Isles
name = Adelfoi Islets
native_name = Αδελφοί
skyline =
sky_caption =

coordinates =
chain = Sporades
isles = 2
area =
highest_mount =
elevation = 50
periph = Thessaly
prefect = Magnesia
capital =
population = 11
pop_as_of = 2001
postal = 370 05
telephone = 24240
license = BO
website =

Adelfoi ( _el. Αδελφοί) is a Greek island in the Sporades. The island is located about 10 km east-southeast of the main island of Alonissos and also administered by a municipality of the same main island name. The 2001 census reported a population of eleven inhabitants.

Nearest islands and islets

Its nearest islands and islets are Alonissos and Peristera, Skantzoura to the east and Euboea further south.


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