Gamemaster (board game series)

The "Gamemaster" series of board games consisted of five war simulation games created by the game company Milton Bradley, beginning in 1984 with the introduction of the popular "Axis & Allies".

The original Milton Bradley "Gamemaster" series included:
* "Axis & Allies" (1984)
* "Conquest of the Empire" (1984)
* "Broadsides and Boarding Parties" (1984)
* "Fortress America" (1986)
* "Shogun" (later renamed "Samurai Swords") (1986)

Avalon Hill (now part of Hasbro) has continued producing "Axis & Allies", including expanding the line to include ' (2000), ' (2001), "" (2004), and "Axis & Allies Miniatures" (2005).

Eagle Games, considered by many to be the successor to Milton Bradley's "Gamemaster" Series, reprinted "Gamemaster" entry "Conquest of the Empire" in 2005 with updated rules.

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