Going for Broke (2003 film)

"Going For Broke" was a 2003 television movie that was broadcast on the Lifetime Network on cable television. Directed by Graeme Campbell, it starred real-life husband and wife, Gerald McRaney and Delta Burke, as well as Ellen Page.

The film centers on Laura Bancroft (Delta Burke), a successful career woman who becomes addicted to gambling. As with other Lifetime Network movies, the film was designed to highlight an ongoing concern among women, as the majority of those who suffer from compulsive gambling in the United States are women. This film won several awards including one for best musical score. Critics praised "Going For Broke" for its realistic and hard hitting approach.

According to the movie's epilogue, it is based on a true story and subsequent imbezzlement case - which resulted in all Nevada casinos being required by law to post the telephone number for Nevada Council on Problem Gambling, should any of their clientele need it.

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