" STAG: A Test of Love" is a reality TV show, hosted by Tommy Habeeb. Each episode profiles an engaged couple a week or two before their wedding. The cameras then follow the groom on his bachelor party, recording all the crazy antics. The next day, Tommy Habeeb shows a highlight tape to the groom's fiancee to get her reaction. Many of the guests on "STAG" have been later featured on the television show "Maury" for follow-up interviews.

The show is produced by Tommy Habeeb Enterprises and distributed by American Television Distribution.

One of the couples that appeared on "STAG" later went on to compete and win $260,000 on NBC's "Deal or No Deal" in November 2006.


In the United States, "STAG: A Test of Love"" began airing in syndication on the following stations:

*KHIZ ch 64 – Los Angeles, California
*WMOR-TV moreTV32 in Tampa, Florida at 10:00PM and 10:30PM on November 3, 2007
*my KTOV in Corpus Christi, Texas Sunday nights at 6:30PM starting November 4, 2007
*KCTU Local 5 in Wichita, Kansas Friday nights at 11:30PM starting May 16, 2008
*WADL-TV 38 in Detroit, Michigan Saturday nights at 11:30PM starting in May 2008
*WDRL-TV 24 in Roanoke/Lynchburg, Virginia Monday nights at 10:30PM
*WJAL-TV TV 68 in Washington, D.C. in January 2008
*WBQC-CA 38 in Cincinnati, Ohio
*KHON-TV CW 93 in Hawaii
*WPME MyNetwork TV 35 in Portland, Maine
*WBGT-CA MyNetwork TV 18 in Rochester, New York
*KSHV Mynetwork 45 in Shreveport, Louisiana
*WHDF CW 15 in Huntsville, Alabama
*KWWF 22 in Cedar Rapids/ Waterloo, Iowa
*KVEO NBC 23 in Brownsville/Harlingen, Texas
*KKTV MyNetwork TV 11 in Colorado Springs, Colorado
*WBRL CW 21 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
*KWTX-TV CW 10 in Waco, Texas
*KTSM-TV in El Paso, Texas
*W13BY Ch 13 in Johnstown, Pennsylvania
*WEVV Ch 44 in Evansville, Indiana
*KLPN My Network TV in Tyler, Texas
*KADN My Network TV in Lafayette, Louisiana
*WCVI CW 39 in Virgin Islands

The uncensored versions of "STAG" air on Events iN Demand Pay-Per-View in the US and Canada, since 2004, and are available on DVD from

Internationally, "STAG" is available in many countries.


Season 1

Episode 1: Aaron's End Zone Celebration! Original Air Date: 5 January 2008This former college football player never scored like this before! But when his fiancée throws a flag for unnecessary roughness, Aaron's engagement turns into a backyard scramble.

Episode 2: Jimmy's Lesson in LoveOriginal Air Date: 12 January 2008Jimmy and Danielle are high school sweethearts ready to take the next step together. But will Jimmy's actions on the night of his bachelor party teach this couple a new lesson in discipline?

Episode 3: Tre Takes a Shot at LoveOriginal Air Date: 19 January 2008Tre and his posse get caught "ridin dirty" in Big D. Fists will fly but find out who gets the last shot at this P.I.M.P.

Episode 4: Lance Feels the LoveOriginal Air Date: 26 January 2008Lance is a true ladies man who just happens to run into some old girlfriends on the night of his bachelor party. Did this blonde bombshell brigade have enough ammunition to destroy the happy couple's relationship?

Episode 5: Billy Joe Walks on Broken GlassOriginal Air Date: 2 February 2008Billy and his friends are going to take a walk down memory lane, across some broken glass, and back to a time when Billy wasn't engaged.

Episode 6: Playboy Steven's Boogie NightOriginal Air Date: 9 February 2008Steven's porn fetish comes to a screeching halt! Enough is enough when his fiancée Denise becomes determined to slam the brakes on this relationship.

Episode 7: Who's Your Daddy KennyOriginal Air Date: 16 February 2008Ready to take on fatherhood and a lifetime commitment with Jessica, "Big Poppi" Ken leaves out some small details when revealing his last night of freedom.

Episode 8: Jeff Parties Like a Rock StarOriginal Air Date: 23 February 2008Keep on Rockin! Jeff and Jamie are ready to take the final plunge towards marriage. Find out if this wanna-be rock star will be singing a different tune on the night of his bachelor party.

Episode 9: Artavius and the Pimp CupOriginal Air Date: 1 March 2008We are living large with the Pimp of all P.I.M.P.s. Before he gets hitched, Artavius shows us how to get crunk, drunk, and crazy!

Episode 10: Gilbert Gets Tongue TiedOriginal Air Date: 8 March 2008Gilbert's fiancée Jenna is not concerned about her man's pre-marital adventures. Naïve to what her future husband will partake in; it doesn't take long for our good-natured pair to be exposed to the naked truth.

Episode 11: Daniel's Tongue Twisted NightOriginal Air Date: 15 March 2008Our shy bachelor Daniel comes out of his shell for one last night of single hood. However, his wet and wild party may be the icing on the cake to a failed relationship.

ee also

*"Cheaters" - a similar hidden camera show that documents people who suspected of cheating on their partners.

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