146 Lucina

146 Lucina

Infobox Planet | minorplanet = yes | width = 25em | bgcolour = #FFFFC0
name=146 Lucina
discovery_ref= [http://cfa-www.harvard.edu/iau/lists/NumberedMPs.html]
discoverer=Alphonse Borrelly
discovered=June 8, 1875
mp_category=Main belt
orbit_ref= [ftp://ftp.lowell.edu/pub/elgb/astorb.html]
epoch=December 31, 2006 (JD 2454100.5)
semimajor=406.777 Gm (2.719 AU)
perihelion=380.397 Gm (2.543 AU)
aphelion=433.156 Gm (2.895 AU)
period=1637.739 d (4.48 a)
avg_speed=18.04 km/s
dimensions=132.2 km
mass=2.4e|18 kg
density=2.0 g/cm³
surface_grav=0.0369 m/s²
escape_velocity=0.0699 km/s
sidereal_day=? d
axial_tilt=?° | pole_ecliptic_lat=? | pole_ecliptic_lon=?
single_temperature=~169 K

146 Lucina is a main belt asteroid. It is large, dark and has a carbonaceous composition.

It was discovered by Alphonse Borrelly on June 8, 1875 and named after Lucina, the Roman goddess of childbirth.

Two stellar occultations by Lucina have been observed so far, in 1982 and 1989. During the first event, a possible small satellite (6 km in diameter) was detected.

Further evidence for a satellite emerged in 2003, this time based on astrometric measurements [http://www.johnstonsarchive.net/astro/asteroidmoonsq.html] .

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