Metro Aculco

Mexico City Metro
Line 8
Escuadrón 201

Metro Aculco is a station along Line 8 of the metro of Mexico City.[1][2][3] It is located under the bridge where the Trabajadoras Sociales (Eje 6 Sur) passes over the Eje 3 Ote in the Colonia Pueblo Aculco neighborhood if the Iztapalapa borough of Mexico City.[1]

The station's logo is a water wave in a canal.[1] In Nahuatl it means "where the water twists".[1] The name is also the name of the Aculco municipio in the State of Mexico.[1] The station was opened on 20 July 1994.[4]

Metro service at the station was interrupted on 16 December 2006 after an accident in which a passenger fell onto the tracks.[5][6]

On 24 July 2007 a baby boy was born to a pregnant passenger at the station.[7]

On 26 September 2010 a Line 8 train operator was arrested and fired for drunk driving after an incident in which he opened the doors on the opposite side of the train from the Aculco station platform.[8][9]


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Coordinates: 19°22′27″N 99°06′29″W / 19.374069°N 99.108095°W / 19.374069; -99.108095

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