Georgian Social Democratic (Menshevik) Party

The Social Democratic Party of Georgia was a leading political party in pre-Soviet Georgia. Consisting of the former Menshevik faction members of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party, it ran the Democratic Republic of Georgia from 1918 to 1921.

At parliamentary elections on February 14, 1919 it garnered 81.5% of the votes. In March 1921 it was overthrown by a Red Army invasion. The party was liquidated during the Soviet repressions predating to the failed anti-Soviet August Uprising in 1924.

In the words of the modern Armenian-American scholar, Ronald Grigor Suny, "Their achievement in building a Georgian political nation was extraordinary. Their support among all classes of the Georgian people was genuine. And however ephemeral their accomplishments in the brief episode of national independence, the most impressive testimony to their successes is the fact that they could not be dislodged from Georgia except by a militarily superior force from outside." [Suny, Ronald G. (1994), The Making of the Georgian Nation: 2nd edition, p. 207. Indiana University Press, ISBN 0-253-20915-3.]

Notable Georgian Mensheviks

*Shalva Abdusheli
*Akaki Andguladze
*Kote Andronikashvili
*Razhden Arsenidze
*Sosipatre Asatiani
*Iona Beliashvili
*Genadi Beltadze
*Silibistro Jibladze
*Nikolay Chkheidze
*Akaki Chkhenkeli
*Benia Chkhikvishvili
*Valiko Chubinidze
*Seit Devdariani
*Vladimir Darchiashvili
*Alexandre Dgebuadze
*Giorgi Eradze
*Evgeni Gegechkori
*Grigol Giorgadze
*Vladimer Goguadze
*Evgen Gvaladze
*Ioseb Iremashvili
*Valiko Jugheli
*Noe Khomeriki
*Mikheil Khundadze
*Alexandre Lomtatidze
*Grigol Lordkipanidze
*Isidore Mantskava
*Sergo Matitaishvili
*Vlasa Mgeladze
*Kirile Ninidze
*Gogita Pagava
*Ioannis Passalidis
*Isidore Ramishvili
*Noe Ramishvili
*Konstantine Sabakhtarashvili
*Anania Salukvadze
*Pavle Sarjveladze
*Shota Sarjveladze
*David Sharashidze
*Kristine Sharashidze
*Shalva Sharashidze
*Khariton Shavishvili
*Irakli Tsereteli
*Svimon Tsereteli
*Grigol Uratadze
*Avtandil Urushadze
*Noe Zhordania

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*Government of the Democratic Republic of Georgia in Exile


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*fr icon [ Leaders of the Georgian Social Democratic Party and results of the parliamentary election in Georgia 1919]
* Stephen F. Jones, [,M1 Socialism in Georgian Colors: The European Road to Social Democracy, 1883-1917] , ISBN 0674019024

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