List of fighting styles in Fist of the North Star

The following is a list of fictional fighting styles in the manga and anime series "Fist of the North Star" by Buronson and Tetsuo Hara. Many of the characters from the "Fist of the North Star" manga are trained in numerous fictional styles throughout the course of the series. All styles appear in the original manga unless otherwise noted.

Major styles

Hokuto Shinken

is the main rival style of "Hokuto Shinken" in the series. The Nanto style is regard as the polar opposite of the Hokuto style; whereas Hokuto Shinken destroys its opponents from within through the use of "tsubo", the masters of Nanto Seiken use slicing and stabbing techniques to destroy the enemy from the outside (Often, it appears to use air pressure to do so, rather than direct contact). Unlike Hokuto Shinken, which has only one style and one legitimate successor, the "Nanto" school is comprised of over 108 sects, the six primary masters being the , since they were the original enemies of the Hokuto Shinken style.

*Styles and techniques in the pilot episodes:
** - Sai-fighting technique used by Denki Saitō. Mentioned, but never actually used.
** .

*Styles and techniques in the manga series:
** , in which Uighur removes several whips from the two horns on his helmet. Uighur's ultimate attack with the "Thousand Streak Whip" style is the .
** - Fencing style used by Garō, a lieutenant of Ryūga who challenges Kenshiro in episode 76.
** - Another fencing style of Taishan, used by the ninja Jemony, an assassin who claims to have performed exactly 9,999 kills. Appears in episode 93.

Nanto Goshasei

The five members of the .
* , Jyuza's style is free-form with no set stance and his fighting ability rivals that of Raoh according to Ryuken. Jyuza's style is comprised primarily of rapid kick techniques and grappling attacks. His main technique is the "'. Fudoh's style relies primarily on crushing his opponent with his brute strength and stature. In the TV series, his main technique is named the , which gives Rihaku the ability to throw himself at his enemies with the strength of a tidal wave.

Gento Kōken

, also known as the - The user of this technique charges at the opponent.
** - This technique enable the user to slice opponents in half.
** is another rival style of Hokuto Shinken introduced during the latter half of the manga. Hokuto Ryūken is a branch of the original Hokuto family that was formed alongside Hokuto Shinken in the Land of Asura. The Hokuto Ryūken style utilizes 1,109 points of the , one of the three subordinate branches of Hokuto Shinken.

*Techniques in the manga:
** - This technique launches a fireball at a target. Once used by Han against Kenshiro.
** - A dark energy blast used by Kaioh.
** - A rapid-hand attack used by Kaioh.

Other styles

In order of appearance.
* - Non fictional fighting style used by Diamond, a member of the King organization.
* - A technique used by Fox, one of Jackal's henchmen. As its name indicate, the user of this style lies on their back, pretending to be dead or unconscious, only to jump up and slice the heads off surrounding enemies. However, once the user has lept into the air, they leave their back is vulnerable to any opponent. Kenshiro exploits this weakness against Fox.
* - A 5,000 years old assassination style from ancient India used by the Devil Rebirth, a prisoner in Villainy Prison. The name "Devil Rebirth" itself is also the title of the style's successor. Its only named technique is the , where the Fang Clansmen attack by surprise.
* - A technique used by Madara, the bestial champion of the Fang Tribe. The user of this technique runs quickly in circles around the opponent, causing an optical illusion effect that makes user appear to split into several more people. After a few moments, the user then attacks the opponent at the center, with all his mirror images following suit. In most cases, the opponent would be unable to know where the attacker really is and thus could not defend properly against the attack. This style is only named in episode 27 of the anime series.
* - Used by the Fang King ("Kiba Daiō"). A martial arts based on the ancient Chinese style of , a Ruyi Jingu Bang pole attack.
* - An imitation of "Hokuto Shinken" developed by Amiba through his research of the "keiraku hikō" points. It was an unnamed style in the original manga. In "Ten no Haō", Amiba says he will name his style .
* - A hand slapping technique used by Daruka against Jǔza in anime episode 89.
* - A lance fencing style used by Balda in anime episode 92.
* - A spinning attack performed by Bask.
* - A powerful punching style practiced by Ein.
* -A fighting style used by Gayler to brainwash an opponnent with his breath.
* - A style of ninjutsu used by the Nameless Asura. The Asura displays a variety of techniques involving the use of its environment.
** - The Asura lies on the ground like a spider and begins to camouflage itself under the earth's layer. This is the technique which earned the Nameless Asura's popular nickname, Sunagumo.
** , which Kaiser attempts to use against Shachi. He has another attack called .
* - The martial art of the Sava Kingdom's royal family. It successor is the King of Sava, Asam and his three sons: Kai, Bukou and Satora. It is a powerful style which can cut through the flesh and bones with a single strike and is one of the few martial arts style which uses weapons in addition to one's bare fists (as evident by the three brothers' use of swords and mace). According to its legend, when the Daijō Nanken successors are in disorder, the Hokuto Shinken successor will come to establish order.
* - A sword fighting style used by the warlord Zord, who fought against Bolge.
* - A whip-like rod used by Bolge.
* - Featured prominently in the novel "Jubaku no Machi" and the OVA "New Fist of the North Star", "Hokumon no Ken" is a style created by a former "Hokuto Shinken" student who failed to become successor.

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