is a broadband TV channel for films about environmental issues. It is managed by the film production and web development agency, largeblue, with key partners the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)and Greenpeace International.

Content is shown via 10 different content streams - Air, Land, Water, Technologies, Climate Change, People, Species, News, Kids and Features - as well as 'Partner' channels. Content comes from a variety of sources including environmental NGOs and charities, Government agencies, businesses with strong 'green' credentials as well as individuals who can upload films directly to the site. In addition, about a quarter of the films on are made 'in-house' by largeblue.

All content on is available on multiple formats including handheld devices. Films are typically 2 - 6 minutes long and further information and links to relevant sources are provided for each.


* March 2006 - Launches
* September 2006 - establishes formal partnership with Greenpeace International, establishing a relationship to show all Greenpeace International films on
* November 2006 - establishes new 'Parter channel' functionality giving organisations the ability to have their own channel within Partner channels include UNEP, Greenpeace International, IFAW, Free Range Studios, Toyota and New Consumer magazine
* January 2007 -'s podcast becomes the number one video podcast in its category on iTunes.
* January 2007 - launches its music channel.
* April 2007 - Friends Provident sponsor's 'People' channel.
* May 2007 - Ecover sponsor's 'Water' channel.
* September 2007 - nominated for two prestigious awards: Best Website at the BEMAs (British Environment and Media Awards) and Best New Media at the Green Awards
* November 2007 - launches its user generated channel, YourGreen.TV, with funding from the Esmee Fairburn Foundation.

Video Player uses a unique video player that is able to automatically detect the best plug-in users have. The player was built in-house by and can play video in Flash, WMV or QuickTime. [cite news
title = Interview with Ade Thomas, the Managing Director of | The environmental Internet TV station
url =
work = Web TV Wire
date= 2006-12-18
accessdate = 2006-12-19


External links

* []
* [ United Nations Environment Programme]
* [ Greenpeace International]
* [ " targets the corporate sector", by Jorn Madslien, BBC News]

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