Ton (disambiguation)

Ton may refer to:
*Ton, a unit of mass, force, volume, energy or power.

*The Germanic word for fenced field, with the same origin as "town".

*TON, Type O Negative, a goth metal band.

*The "ton" meant the upper levels of London society in the Regency period. "Ton" comes from the French word meaning tone, as used in the phrase "bon ton" - good manners and fashionable style.

* TON, a political party in the Netherlands.

* TON, a group of Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Web Sites.

*Ton, Italy, a commune in the province of Trento, Italy.
*Tôň, a village in Slovakia.

*The suffix '-ton' is a common feature in British toponymy

British slang for a hundred

For many purposes, the word "ton" is used in Great Britain as a short equivalent for 100 of anything [ Money Slang article at by Alan Chapman] ] . This has no connection to conventional submultiples of any unit of measurement called a ton. This slang term is not often used in the United States, except for the darts meaning, and similar meanings are sometimes used in other places as well.

*In money, a "ton" is slang for 100 pounds sterling — this is a term with a London origin [ Money Slang article at by Alan Chapman] ] .
*In darts, a "ton" (or "ton up") is a score of 100 or more points with three darts
*In cricket, a "ton" is a colloquial term for a century [ Money Slang article at by Alan Chapman] ] .
*In motor sports, "the ton" was a phrase used to approve of a motorcycle cafe racer who was able to attain a speed of 100 miles per hour on the motorway between transport cafes (U.S.: rest areas). Early in the 20th century the usage was for someone able to drive a car at 100 miles an hour on the Brompton Road in central London, but this became less common as traffic volumes built up.
*During the Second World War, a bomber pilot, crew, or aircraft in the Royal Air Force that had flown a hundred missions was noted as having attained "the ton".


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