Wool (disambiguation)

Wool is the fibre commonly produced from sheep

Wool (the fiber) refers to one of the following:
*Alpaca wool, derived from fur of alpacas
*Angora wool, derived from fur of rabbits
*Cashmere wool, derived from fur of goats
*Cotton wool, derived from cotton
*Llama wool, derived from fur of llamas
*Steel wool, derived from steel
*Wool, the commonly used term in the UK for yarn

In organizations:
*British Wool Marketing Board
*Worshipful Company of Woolmen

In other:
*Wool, Dorset, the village in England
*Wool (band), the rock band from Washington, D.C.
*Wool (insult)
*WOOL-FM, a Vermont radio station

In people:
* Dan Wool
* Glenn Wool
* John E. Wool

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