Akçaabat Sebatspor

İlker Erdem
league = Iddaa League B
season = 2007-08
position = 2nd in Group 4
affiliated clubs = Trabzonspor

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Akçaabat Sebatspor, also known as A. Sebatspor is a Turkish football club located in the Akçaabat district of Trabzon, Turkey. They play their home games in the Akçaabat Fatih Stadyumu. The club was founded in 1923.


Akçaabat Sebatspor were founded as Sebat İdman Yurdu in 1923 in Akcaabat, Trabzon, Turkey. They are among the ten oldest football clubs in Turkey despite being a team of a relatively small town. The first kits sported the colors of the nations flag, red and white. The team changed its name to Akcaabat Genclik in 1940, and then to Sebat Genclik in 1947. Sebatspor were promoted to the professional leagues in 1968 as Sebat Gençlik Kulübü. They started in the TFF 3rd League. They spent several seasons in the Third Division, before being promoted to the Turkish Second Division as champions in 1978. During the 1981-82 season, Sebatspor were almost promoted to the Super League, finishing one point behind Samsunspor. The club changed its name to the current form, Akçaabat Sebatspor in 1986. The club was relegated to the Third Division in 1990, but quickly bounced back and were promoted to the Second Division the next season.

The club spent two more seasons in the Second Division before being relegated again in 1993. It was until 2000 that the club would be promoted to the Second Division once more after a dramatic as well as a miraculous play-off against Balikesirspor. Three years later, Sebatspor were promoted to the Super League for the first time in the clubs history. This was a major achievement in the sense that for the first time in turkish football history,a town team (other than that of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir) was promoted to the Turkish Premier Division. In their first season Sebatspor achieved an ecstatic escape from relegation to the surprise of almost everybody. The stay, however, did not last long as they were subsequently relegated at the end of the Super League 2004-05 season. In 2007, the club was relegated to the Iddaa League B.


Chancellor Cup


Turkish Super League


TFF First League

Third Place:2002-2003

Notable players

*flagicon|Turkey Orhan Kaynak
*flagicon|Turkey Şenol Güneş
*flagicon|Turkey Abdurrahman Dereli
*flagicon|Turkey Sedat Bayrak
*flagicon|Turkey Oktay Derelioğlu
*flagicon|Turkey Ragıp Başdağ
*flagicon|Turkey Yusuf Şimşek
*flagicon|Turkey Ogün Temizkanoğlu
*flagicon|Turkey Metin Aktaş
*flagicon|Turkey Hakan Bayraktar
*flagicon|Turkey Orhan Çıkırıkçı
*flagicon|Turkey Hasan Üçüncü
*flagicon|Turkey Hamdi Zıvalıoğlu
*flagicon|Turkey Serdar Özkan
*flagicon|Turkey Mehmet Bölükbaşı
*flagicon|Turkey Selahattin Kınalı
*flagicon|Turkey Ali Eren Beşerler
*flagicon|Turkey Hasan Özer
*flagicon|Turkey Murat Bölükbaş
*flagicon|Turkey Erman Özgür
*flagicon|Turkey İbrahim Parlayan
*flagicon|Turkey Kenan Sivrikaya
*flagicon|Turkey Adnan Karahan
*flagicon|Turkey Yusuf Tokaç
*flagicon|Turkey Ergin Keleş
*flagicon|Turkey flagicon|Belgium Yasin Karaca
*flagicon|Turkey flagicon|Australia Tansel Baser
*flagicon|Finland Antti Sumiala
*flagicon|Macedonia Petar Milosevski
*flagicon|France flagicon|Cameroon Claude Bakadal
*flagicon|Ghana Emmanuel Osei
*flagicon|Brazil Anderson Lopez Domingos
*flagicon|Tunisia Amir Mkadmi
*flagicon|Poland Marek Zajac
*flagicon|Brazil Vlademir Jeronimo Barreto
*flagicon|Turkey flagicon|Kazakhstan Ali Aliyev
*flagicon|Turkey Erman Öncü

Current Squad

[ [http://www.tff.org/Default.aspx?pageId=28&kulupId=75 Kulüp Bilgileri Türkiye Futbol Federasyonu ] ]

2008-09 Transfers

*Zafer Aydoğdu to Trabzonspor [ [http://akcaabathaber.com/news_detail.php?id=1053 ::AKÇAABAT HABER::.. Güzel İlçemiz Akçaabat'tan Haberiniz olsun.. [ Zafer Trabzonspor'da ] ]
*Emre Köksal to Vestel Manisaspor [ [http://akcaabathaber.com/news_detail.php?id=1098 ::AKÇAABAT HABER::.. Güzel İlçemiz Akçaabat'tan Haberiniz Olsun.. [ Emre V.Manisa ile Anlaştı ] ]
*Necdet Kaba to Trabzonspor [ [http://www.ntvspor.net/pages/24644.asp NTVSpor.net ] ]
*Tolga Sivrikaya to Bulancakspor
*Taha Balci from Yıldızlıspor [http://akcaabathaber.com/news_detail.php?id=1179 ::AKÇAABAT HABER::.. Güzel İlçemiz Akçaabat'tan Haberiniz Olsun.. [ Sebat'ta 2 transfer ] ]
*Eyüp Saka from Değirmenderespor [http://akcaabathaber.com/news_detail.php?id=1187 ::AKÇAABAT HABER::.. Güzel İlçemiz Akçaabat'tan Haberiniz Olsun.. [ Sebat'ta 3 transfer ] ]
*Mehmet Ali Sağlam from Değirmenderespor [ [http://akcaabathaber.com/news_detail.php?id=1201 ::AKÇAABAT HABER::.. Güzel İlçemiz Akçaabat'tan Haberiniz Olsun.. [ M.Ali'de Sebatspor'da ] ]
*Hakan Akbulut from Araklıspor

Affiliated Clubs


Past Seasons

[ [http://www6.mackolik.com/ Mackolik.Com | Futbol, İddaa, Canlı Sonuçlar, Puan Durumu, İddaa Programı, Maç Sonuçları, Skorlar, İddaa Kuponu ] ]


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