Imperial Noble Consort Zhuang Shun

Imperial Noble Consort Zhuang Shun ( _zh. 庄顺皇貴妃) (? - 1866) came from the Wuya clan. She was the daughter of Ling Shou. She was also the paternal grandmother of the Guangxu Emperor.

Lady Wuya entered the Forbidden City during Daoguang Emperor's reign and was given the title of female attendant. In 1839 she was given the title of "Worthy Lady Lin" ( _zh. 琳贵人). Later, Lady Wuya was elevated to a Noble Consort while Daoguang Emperor was still alive. Lady Wuya gave birth to a total of four children, including a daughter and three sons. The oldest son would later receive the title of Prince Chun, and was the natural father to the Guangxu Emperor.

After the death of Daoguang Emperor, Lady Wuya was granted the title of "My Late Father's Imperial Noble Dowager Consort Lin" ( _zh. 皇考琳贵太妃). She died during the fifth year of Emperor Tongzhi's reign. After her death, Lady Wuya was given the posthumous title of Imperial Noble Consort Zhuang-Shun, and was later interred in the Mudong Ling Mausoleum for concubines.

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