Dan Swanö

Dan Swanö

Dan Swanö live at Nosturi
Background information
Also known as Day DiSyraah
Born 10 March 1973 (1973-03-10) (age 38)
Finspång, Sweden
Origin Örebro
Genres Progressive metal, death metal, progressive rock, power metal, avant-garde metal, gothic rock, melodic death metal, doom metal
Instruments Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, percussion, saxophone, cello, programming
Years active 1988–present
Labels Black Mark
Associated acts Edge of Sanity, Bloodbath, Katatonia, Nightingale, Opeth, Ribspreader, Millencollin

Dan-Erland Swanö[2] (born 10 March, 1973) is a Swedish musician who is currently the vocalist, guitarist, ex-bassist and ex-drummer for the band Nightingale as well as the Owner of Unisound but he achieved fame as the vocalist and songwriter of progressive death metal band Edge of Sanity.

As a multi-instrumentalist he is regarded as influential in the underground melodic death metal, black metal, progressive metal, death metal, progressive rock, power metal communities. He is known for his progressive rock-influenced songwriting style and his frequent use of both clean and growled vocals.



Swanö has fronted a number of bands, Brejn Dedd, Unicorn, Infestdead and Route Nine. He has also been a member of Katatonia, Ribspreader, as well as playing drums and lead guitar in death metal band Bloodbath.[3]

He has also contributed his vocal talents to Arjen Lucassen's Star One project. The two musicians are good friends, with Lucassen contributing guitar parts to Swanö's Nightingale project. He can also be heard on the albums Theli and A'arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming by the symphonic opera metal band Therion. He was also producer and contributing writer of the band Diabolical Masquerade, the now defunct solo avant-garde black metal band of Anders Nyström aka Blakkheim (Katatonia, Bloodbath, ex-Bewitched). He also contributed some guitar solos, backing vocals on various Diabolical Masquerade albums, and played the drums on the album Nightwork. He also produced and played the keyboards on the Memories from Nothing album by Swedish progressive rockers Another Life, released on Vic Records.

Swanö has also released a solo progressive death metal album entitled Moontower, on which he showcases his multi-instrumental talent, playing all instruments (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard) as well as providing all the vocal work.

Swanö has a diverse vocal register, encompassing many styles, which include death growls; clean, melodic singing with a warm rich tone; deep, dark, gothic vocals and thrash shouting.

As a particularity, he is a left-handed guitarist (right hand on the neck) but plays on right-handed guitars without reversing the strings (highest strings up), which is quite unusual.

During 2009 Swanö re-activated Odyssey, this time performing all instruments by himself. Swanö recorded 7 of his all time favourite songs which will be released (November 2010) on the album 'Reinventing The Past', together with the three 1999 tracks as a bonus on Dutch based Vic Records. His brother Dag played guest lead guitar on the song 'Gypsy' (Uriah Heep cover).

Family and work

Dan with his brother Dag

Despite the large amount of releases to his name, Swanö still works as chief sales assistant in a music store (Musikbörsen) in Örebro, near his home in Sweden, rarely doing live performances with any of his bands (it has been said that one of the main reasons for this is that he is unable to sustain the heavy growling death metal vocals used in many of his bands for any prolonged period of time). He has a German girlfriend and he maintains close ties to his family. He had played bass in his elder brother Dag Swanö's band Pan.Thy.Monium with Dan using Day DiSyraah, and Dag using Äag as pseudonyms. Dag also plays guitar in Nightingale, formerly under the name of Tom Nouga.

Musical contributions

Bands Audio
Member Record
Aeon[4] Green tickY Green tickY
Altar Green tickY Green tickY
Ancient Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
Another Life Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
Another Perfect Day Green tickY
Argentum Green tickY Green tickY
As Light Dies Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
Battlelore Green tickY[5] Green tickY[6] Green tickY[7]
Bloodbath Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
Bombshell Rocks Green tickY[8]
Brejn Dedd Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
Bucovina Green tickY[9] Green tickY[10]
Canopy Green tickY Green tickY
Coldworker Green tickY
Cronian Green tickY
Dark Funeral Green tickY
Darkcide Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
Darkified Green tickY[11] Green tickY Green tickY
Dawn Green tickY
De Infernali Green tickY[12]
Demiurg Green tickY[13] Green tickY[14] Green tickY
Demon Project Green tickY
Denial Green tickY[15]
Diabolical Masquerade Green tickY[16] Green tickY[17] Green tickY Green tickY[18]
Dissection Green tickY
Evergrey Green tickY[19] Green tickY[20]
Evocation[21] Green tickY
Evoke Green tickY
Edge of Sanity Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
Fall of Serenity Green tickY
Frameshift Green tickY
Gates of Ishtar Green tickY
Ghost Green tickY
Ghostorm Green tickY[22] Green tickY[23] Green tickY[24]
Godsend Green tickY[25] Green tickY Green tickY[26]
Gorath[27] Green tickY[28][29]
Hail of Bullets[30] Green tickY[31] Green tickY[32]
Hallows Die Green tickY[33]
Infestdead Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
Kaoteon Green tickY[34]
Karaboudjan Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
Katatonia Green tickY[35] Green tickY[36] Green tickY[37]
Lay Down Rotten Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
Maceration Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
M.E.S.S Green tickY[38] Green tickY[39]
Mahlstrøm Green tickY
Marduk Green tickY
Masticate Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
Mechanization Green tickY[40]
Millencolin Green tickY[41]
Mirrors of Obsidian Green tickY
Moredhel Green tickY[42]
Mörk Gryning Green tickY
Nasum Green tickY Green tickY
Novembers Doom[43] Green tickY[44][45][46] Green tickY[47]
Novembre Green tickY[48]
October Tide Green tickY[49]
Odyssey[50] Green tickY[51] Green tickY[51] Green tickY[52] Green tickY Green tickY[53]
Omnium Gatherum Green tickY[54] Green tickY[55] Green tickY[56]
Opeth Green tickY[57] Green tickY Green tickY[58] Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY[59] Green tickY
Overflash Green tickY
Pain Green tickY[60]
Pan.Thy.Monium Green tickY Green tickY
Proserpine[61] Green tickY[62]
Rakshasas Green tickY[63]
Ribspreader Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
Route Nine Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY ? ? Green tickY
Rytmihäiriö[64] Green tickY[65] Green tickY[66]
Scartown Green tickY[67]
Somnae Green tickY[68]
Sörskogen Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
Star One Green tickY
Steel Green tickY Green tickY
Therion Green tickY[69]
Threshold Green tickY[70]
Torture Division[71] Green tickY
Total Terror Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
Uncanny Green tickY
Under Black Clouds Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY Green tickY
Vinterland Green tickY Green tickY
Winds Green tickY
Wounded Knee Green tickY Green tickY



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