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Computer/technology terms

  • Network On Chip, a term in electronic system design
  • Network operations center, a term in computer networking that defines one or more locations from which control is exercised over a computer or telecommunications network, or part thereof; also can refer to the personnel working there
  • NOCH, also known as NOC, is an open source code molecular explorer


  • National oil company, as opposed to IOC, which stands for International Oil Company
  • Network Originality Competition, a nationwide student competition in China
  • Non-official cover, an espionage and intelligence term
  • No Objection Certificate
  • No overall control, a British (United Kingdom) political term meaning no political party commands an absolute majority on a local council.
  • National Occupational Classification, a Canadian classification system of occupations
  • Nursing Outcomes Classification
  • Nocturnal Sector, an area of the Biologic Space Laboratories in the video game Metroid Fusion
  • Noć, a village in Poland
  • Not otherwise classified, a designation for general worker's compensation codes indicating they are to be used only when no other more specific category applies
  • Notice Of Change, such as for changing the destination for a shipment

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