Link Grammar Parser

The Link Grammar Parser or LinkParser is a parser for English which analyzes sentences using the Link Grammar framework.

It was written by Davy Temperley, Daniel Sleator, and John Lafferty of Carnegie Mellon University.


* Find the verb in the sentence "he is a big dog".en.sentence.verb.to_s => "is"
* Find the direct object of the sentence "he is a big dog".en.sentence.object.to_s => "dog"

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* Daniel Sleator and Davy Temperley, "Parsing English with a Link Grammar", "Third International Workshop on Parsing Technologies", 1993. [ PDF]
* Dennis Grinberg, John Lafferty, and Daniel Sleator, "A robust parsing algorithm for link grammars", "Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Parsing Technologies", Prague, September, 1995. [ PDF]

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* [ Link Grammar Parser] home page
* [ LinkGrammar-WN] , lexicon expansion for the Link Grammar Parser
* [ Ruby port]

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