Sim may refer to:

Games and gaming

*Sim (Pencil Game)
*Sim (Maxis Sim games), a generic term for a humanoid character in the "The Sims" game franchise
*Simming, the act of playing any of several online roleplaying games
*Any simulation game

Computers and technology

*Subscriber Identity Module, or "SIM" card, a device used to store information in mobile phones
*Security Information Management, a concept in data security
*Simple Instant Messenger, a free instant messaging application
*A carpet simulation now called Tryk from the company Tricycle Inc.
* SIM is a Solid Immersion Mirror for Heat assisted magnetic recording(HAMR)

Microelectronics Technology

*Solid-State Impact-Ionization Multipliers, or "SIM", is a amplifier that amplify small AC current signal to large current signal.


*Singapore Institute of Management
*Studio for Interrelated Media, an academic concentration at the Massachusetts College of Art
*Student information management, the process of educational institutions recording data about their students


*Alastair Sim (1900–1976), Scottish character actor
*Dave Sim (born 1956), Canadian comic book author
*Thomas Robertson Sim (1858-1938), South African botanist
*Sheila Sim (born 1922), English film and theatre actress
*Sim Wong Hoo (born 1955), founder of computer audio company Creative Technology
*Sim ("Star Trek"), a fictional character in the "Star Trek: Enterprise" episode "Similitude"


*Sim, Chelyabinsk Oblast, a town in Chelyabinsk Oblast Russia
*Sim, Perm Krai, a settlement in Perm Krai, Russia
*Sim River, a river in Russia
*Sım, Azerbaijan

Other meanings

*Sim (Korean name)
*Simulation, an imitation of something else
*Serving In Mission, an international Christian mission organization formerly called Sudan Interior Mission
*Siberian International Marathon
*Space Interferometry Mission, a NASA project also known as SIM PlanetQuest

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